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Sports Tutor Shotmaker Standard Tennis Ball Machine w/ Remote Option

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Sports Tutor Shotmaker Standard Tennis Ball Machine (Model #3191)

The Tennis Tutor Shotmaker Standard Tennis Ball Machine with Remote is Sports Tutor’s highest quality professional ball machine due to its power and adaptability. Since it includes a wealth of distinct features and challenges players from all levels, it is used by tennis pros at the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Training Center in Florida.

This ball machine can be programmed to shoot balls to any or all of the three positions (A, B, C) shown on the tennis court diagram above the corresponding switches. If you wish to shoot to positions ‘A’ and ‘C’ only, push the position ‘A’ and position ‘C’ switches ON, and leave the position ‘B’ switch OFF. To shoot balls randomly across the court, all three position switches should be ‘OFF’.

The Standard model’s functions are controlled by a single electronic panel. Due to its convenient location at the back of the machine, it lets you to operate naturally at a standing position. Just dial-in the tennis shots you want while observing the entire court. Each machine includes a wireless remote control, 4 oversized caster wheels for easy maneuvering on and off the court, a protective all-weather cover and a see-through plastic cover to give the control panel extra protection.

For additional force and rust resistance, the machine’s case is made of high-impact injection-molded plastic and powder-coated aluminum.

- Ball capacity: 300
- Trajectories: Groundstroke to Lob
- Maximum speed: 95 MPH
- Random and programmable oscillator functions
- Ball feed interval:1 to 6 seconds
- Power: 120 watts maximum
- Adjustable spin from heavy underspin, to flat, to heavy topspin
- Commercial grade electric motors are maintenance free
- Weight: 96 pounds
- Rust-proof – Aluminum and high-impact plastic construction.
- Rear-mounted Control Panel – Dial-in the shots you want to practice while observing the entire court in front of you.
- Control Panel Cover – See-thru plastic cover provides extra protection for the control panel.
- All-weather Protective Cover – Included with each machine.
- Oversized wheels – For easy rolling on and off the court.

Remote Options: (must be ordered at time of purchase)
- Two-button wireless remote - Starts and stops ball delivery, and controls the side-to-side position of the ball throws.($200)

The Tennis Tutor Shotmaker Standard Tennis Ball Machine is backed by a three year warranty covering both parts and labor. (NOT including battery)