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Luxilon ALU Power 123 Fluoro Tennis String (Set)

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Luxilon ALU Power 123 Fluoro Tennis String (Set) (Model #WRZ9991)

Luxilon ALU Power 123 Fluoro Tennis String serves up a softer version of ALU Power for added comfort and playability. Luxilon’s classic poly-ether-ether and aluminum composition pairs with fluorocarbon to soften feel, while the thinner gauge delivers additional bite and touch on every stroke.

Fluorocarbon is added to the mix of poly-ether-ether and aluminum prior to extrusion
Fluorocarbon migrates to the surface of the string during the cooling process for a more flexible outer layer
Completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture
If strung as hybrid, reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability

Gauge 17
Length Set: 40 ft / 12.2 m