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Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip (3 Pack)

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Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip 3-Pack (Blue/White/Black) (Model #MT)

According to Tourna, Mega Tac is the tackiest overgrip ever made, period. An exclusive polyurethane coating creates an ultra tacky surface that literally clings to your hand. Tourna also promises a very long tack time, with Tourna reporting tackiness for up to 14 hours. Tourna designed Mega Tac for players who prefer a durable, tacky grip, that works even in cold weather.

Mega Tac is available in Tourna’s trademarked light blue color, white, and black. The length is listed as XL (100 cm x 2.9 cm). The grips come in packs that include finishing tape.
Tackiest Grip ever created. Stays tacky
Perfect for cooler weather
Stops slipping and twisting
Made in the USA
3 grips per roll, includes finishing tape


Installing Mega Tac is straightforward. Neither end is tapered, so if you go for that look you need to trim it yourself. There is also no adhesive starter tab, but if you start with a square end, it’s easy to hold the grip in place for the first wrap. Mega Tac stretches nicely to avoid puckering in the transition from the butt cap to the grip, and we didn’t notice any narrowing as we pulled it into place. The finishing tape adhered well and we had no problems with overgrips unraveling at the top.

Even as tacky as it is to handle, Mega Tac separated from itself and the replacement grip with no drama or residue during removal after the test.