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Wilson Pro Staff X v14 Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Pro Staff X v14 Tennis Racquet (Model #WR125811U)

The Wilson Pro Staff X v14.0 Tennis Racquet features a refined, elegant design and a rich earth tone. The Wilson Pro Staff X is a more playable racquet for anyone and offers extra forgiveness due to a larger head size. With its head-light balance and crisp feel, it’s reminiscent of the Pro Staff 97. Wilson arranged the double braid at 45-degree angles, allowing the frame to breathe upon impact for enhanced pocketing and stability. New to the Pro Staff series is Wilson’s Paradigm Bending Technology. The Paradigm Bending carbon-fiber construction optimizes the flex between the hoop and the shaft, creating even more feel and precision. If you’re used to the feel and precision of Wilson Pro Staff tennis racquets, it’s hard to play with anything else.

Lower swing weight and greater flexibility
Buttery, plush feel at contact
Bigger Sweet Spot makes it easier to hit deep with consistency and change direction of the ball

Braid FortyFive Degree Construction - Fibers weaved at a 45-degree angle for enhanced pocketing and better feel at impact
String Mapping - Creates denser spacing in the hitting area for a more predictable and controlled response
Paradigm Bending Technology - Greater bending in the bottom half of the racquet for pinpoint accuracy

Wilson’s first carbon fiber Pro Staff Tennis Racquet was originally launched 40 years ago in 1983.

Wilson Pro Staff v14 Range