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Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Triad Three Tennis Racquet (Model #WR056511U)

The Wilson Triad Three tennis racket is an arm friendly frame infused with Triad Technology, which blends an Izo-Zorb polymer material into the frame that cancels unwanted vibrations while accentuating feel.

This racquet has a less dense string pattern than a traditional racquet at 16x19, and that opens up the string bed so the strings are allowed to ‘bite’ into the ball more, which greatly increases spin or revolutions per second.

At 9.8 oz strung and a few points head heavy, beginner to intermediate players will appreciate the light weight, while the racket still maintains enough head mass to drive the ball on mishits.

This frame is perfect for compact swing styles and players who appreciate a significant amount of extra pop from their sticks.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ARM FRIENDLY, FEEL, AND SPIN: The Wilson Triad XP 3 (Three) is perfect for beginner players, and still plenty solid for intermediate players as well. The frame has also been extended by 1/2 inch to provide extra length and leverage. This frame features plenty of pop, so a player with shorter, more compact strokes will benefit the most.

RACQUET TECHNOLOGIES: This racquet features arm-friendly materials to reduce vibration and increase feel, a less dense string pattern (16x19) for increased spin, and great maneuverability due to its low 9.8 ounces strung weight. Triad Technology (lessens unwanted vibrations, increases feel, dwell time on strings, and control through added Izo-Zorb polymer material), Power Profile Frame Geometry (wide v-shape neck and squared-shaped beams provide better transfer of energy from frame to ball)