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Lobster Elite Liberty Battery Ball Machine

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Lobster Elite Liberty Battery Ball Machine (Model #EL0L)

The Lobster Elite Liberty Battery Ball Machine is the latest addition to the highly successful Elite Series line of portable tennis ball machines from Lobster Sports. The Elite Liberty has been developed to meet the needs of beginners to intermediate players who seek advanced control of both ball speeds and ball spins at a price not previously available. The 2 hour battery life allows you to get a whole hitting session under your belt. The ball speed can be adjusted from anywhere between 20-80 MPH, and you can change the rate the balls are fed between 2-10 seconds. The height of the trajectory can be changed to practice groundstrokes, volleys, and lobs. Also random horizontal oscillation and top or back spin comes standard on this machine. The capacity is 150 balls, so you can hit without having to constantly refill the hopper.

Ball Speed: 20-80 mph
Spin: Heavy Top and Back
Elevation: Manual Hand Crank
Battery Life: 2 hours
Ball Feed Rate: 2-10 seconds
Random Horizontal Oscillation
Groundstrokes to Lobs
150 Ball Capacity

Optional Accessories Available:
Remote Control: Elite 2-function Wireless remote control
1-Amp Fast Charger
3-Amp Premium Fast Charger
External AC Power Supply
External Battery Pack
Storage Cover

Warranty Policy & Coverage:

Ball Machines (not including battery & server wheels).... 2 years
Battery & Server Wheels….6 months
Accessories….1 year
Parts (purchased separately)....1 year

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