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Rally Master 10 x 32 Backboard

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Rally Master Backboards

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Rally Master 10 x 32 Backboard (Model #rm10x32)

Compared to most backboards, the Rally Master 10 x 32 Backboard is more durable and higher-performing. The deep rich color is molded directly into the panel, not painted on a thin outer shell like fiberglass backboards. With this backboard, there is no need to worry about damage due to the solidity of the panels. It is face, chip and peel resistant and it is so versatile, it cannot be punctured like fiberglass from mistreatment or vandalism. In addition to tennis practice, the Rally Master Backboard can be used for other sports such as soccer, basketball and lacrosse.

A 12' wide backboard is sufficient for use by one intermediate or above level player at a time. A 16' wide backboard provides space for two beginners and/or two players of higher levels. The wider the backboard, the more players it can hold and increase your cardiovascular workout level. For private residences, the 16' wide backboard is the most popular while health clubs prefer 20' minimum widths.

With the Rally Master 10 x 32 Backboard, you will also keep your neighbors happy because the highly dense panel construction keeps the noise level to a minimum. Decibel reading tests determined that the rebound sound level of a Rally Master Backboard was indistinguishable from that of a leading fiberglass manufacturer's top-of-the-line model.

Do It Tennis is not responsible for the set up of the new backboard.

Installation: Two people can install a 10' x 12' Rally Master Backboard in less than three hours, on a structurally sound, 10' high tennis fence. Each 4' x 10' panel weights 150 lbs. Plan for about one hour or less installation time per 4' x 10' panel. Use additional helpers during the panel attachment procedure if necessary.

Shipping company policies state curbside delivery only for residential deliveries.

That means the shipping company will not bring the backboard into your backyard or onto your court. For commercial deliveries, shipping company policies state loading dock delivery or curbside only. You should prepare for receiving your backboard by having people on hand to move the backboard to its intended area of use.

Rally Master Warranty:

Rally Master warrants that all their Panels and mounting components shall be free from structural failure for a period of twenty years from the date of shipping. Rally Master’s sole obligation under the warranty shall be to repair or replace the defective part(s) only at its sole and absolute option.  Rally Master will, at their sole and absolute discretion, determine whether a part repair or part replacement is required. If a part inspection is required prior to our determination, customer will send us the part, pre-paid freight. Customer is responsible for all freight charges on parts repaired or replacement under this warranty. Normal wear and tear, damage through Acts Of God, misuse, improper installation, vandalism, and any claim that is not for structural failure are excluded. Rally Master “Catch Nets” and support poles are not covered by a warranty.