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Head YouTek Tennis Racquet Technology

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Head tennis racquet technology - YouTek d3oHEAD YOUTEK™ tennis racquet technology combines superior technologies to perfectly match your individual needs. Whether your game is aggressive and adventurous or consistent and smooth, YOUTEK™ enhances your performance and brings out the best in you.

Reward your spontaneity with d3o™

d3o™ belongs to the “smart materials” category, which is a futuristic material with abnormal behavior characteristics. More specifically, d3o™ belongs to a subcategory of “dilatant foams”, which dramatically change their behavior under dynamic loading or impact. Integrated in the lay-up and positioned in the shaft of the racquet, d3o™ offers new possibilities for tennis players.

On high-speed impacts (aggressive shots), the smart molecules lock together within nanoseconds and dramatically increase the stiffness of the whole racquet frame to provide maximum power. On slow-speed impacts (slice or drop shots), the d3o™ molecules absorb the impact to provide a softer touch for better feel. What does this mean to a tennis player? Passing shots are even harder and drop shots more precise, rewarding your spontaneity and supporting your courageous decisions.

Reduce your friction to boost your power.

Head tennis racquet technology - YouTek Friction reducing teflonFriction is a force that holds back the movement of a string when it comes into contact with a grommet. The new HEAD Grommets with Teflon® friction-reducing polymer creates a self-lubricating effect in the base material, allowing the strings to slide through the grommets with nearly no friction for much less energy loss and much more power. With conventional Grommets, friction is present between the grommet and the string providing some degree of resistance during ball impact resulting in energy loss and less power.

HEAD Grommets with Teflon® friction reducing polymer

The Teflon® friction reducing polymer provides a low-friction contact surface, enabling the strings to slide through the grommets with nearly no friction. Moving without resistance, the strings maintain their energy during ball impact, providing more power.

During the stringing process, the Teflon® friction reducing polymer in the grommet system allows more even and consistent tension. The HEAD grommet system takes this friction away allowing a more true tension providing larger sweetspot! Teflon® is registered Trademark of DuPont® and is used under license by HEAD SPORT AG starting January 1st, 2009.

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