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Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet


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Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 Tennis Racquet (Model #101282-149)


The Babolat Pure Strike 98 16x19 tennis racquet offers the ideal balance of both response and precision for one's attacking baseline style of game - just like Dominic Thiem. It has square & elliptical hybrid frame construction and features a slightly thicker beam than its predecessor, which provides for a more powerful and stable racquet. Babolat's new FSI Power technology now gives this updated Pure Strike 16x19 a wider string pattern in the crosses, allowing for more spin, power and comfortability. 

The Pure Strike 98 16x19 has a 21.3/23.3/21.3mm tapered beam and a 98 square inch headsize.  It is ideal for advanced players, especially for those looking for a control-minded frame without sacrificing swing speed.  It separates itself from the popular Pure Drive line because of its thinner beam, which makes it slightly less powerful and geared towards players really looking to hit out on the ball, and the frame is also not as stiff as the Pure Drive, which helps with ball feel and arm issues.  It's a powerful weapon in the hands of a count technician who can hit winners with ease, yet plays the game like they're on a chess board.

The 11.3 ounce weight gives it enough plow-through on off-centered shots so that the trajectory of the ball is still predictable, while the 4 point head light balance and the 16x19 spin-friendly string pattern help with players looking for deep, penetrating ground strokes with heavy topspin when necessary.

Suited for players with full strokes. 
(See "Specifications" tab for more detailed racquet information)

Pure Strike Technologies:

Babolat Woofer Dynamic String System WOOFER DYNAMIC STRING SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY: The Woofer Dynamic String System allows all of the strings to work together during a ball strike, as opposed to non-Woofer frames that only utilize a few of the strings on contact. The result is more spin, increased sweetspot size and forgiveness on off-centered shots.
FSI Power Technology Spin WIDER CROSS STRINGS WITH DIAMOND SHAPED GROMMET HOLES: The wider spacing between cross strings allows for more snapback, and thus, increased power. The revolutionary diamond shape of the grommet holes allows for an increased range of string movement. This results in more power and comfort.
Babolat Hybrid Frame Technology HYBRID FRAME TECHNOLOGY: The frame is a combination of elliptical and square shapes placed at strategic locations in order to increase ball feel, energy return from frame to ball, and added control.

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