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Babolat Tennis Racquet Technology

Babolat Tennis Racket Technologies

Founded in Lyon, France, in 1875, Babolat is one of the largest and oldest tennis racquet manufacturers. Babolat is the first company to have specialized in racquet sports and is the world leader in the production of natural gut strings. With a long history of innovation and performance, Babolat has consistently produced some of the best tennis racquets in the world. Babolat racquets are recognized by the trademark double stripes on the racquet frame and black on the stringing bed. Babolat tennis racquets are used by 20% of the top 100 players in the ATP and WTA including Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters, Caroline Wozniaki, and Dinara Safina.

Frame Composition

Babolat GT Racket TechnologyGT Technology
Hybrid Material, combining braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments, through the entire racquet. Improves racquet performance, based on the concentration of Tungsten fibers at various parts of the frame.Main benefits of GT materials are control and feel. A greater concentration of Tungsten in the core of Babolat Racquets incorporating GT technology provides more control and 10% additional energy recovery for even more power.

Carbon Ply Stabilizer Technology
This hybrid frame construction features a stiff carbon fiber inlay for improved torsional stability
at ball impact for more precise shots.

Flex Carbon Technology
Combined with the Square Beam frame structure, the Flex Carbon construction brings more flexibility
to the Pure Control range for optimal control in each hit.

Fused Graphite
A fused graphite-alloy frame gives the performance of a graphite frame but the durability of an alloy.

Frame Shape

Babolat AeroModular Racket TecnologyAero Modular Technology
Aero Modular Technology creates a thinner width at the upper section of the raquet which provides increased power. The standard width midsection provides greater stability and a wider base provides more stiffness for increased control and a faster swing. The varying shape of the shaft and the head provide more of the benefits players need to play better. The aero modular frame design was Babolat’s response to the evolution of modern tennis. This frame provides +10% more air penetration compared to a traditional frame design. Aero technology was developed through watching Rafael Nadal’s tennis style.

X Sider
This wider frame construction increases the sweetspot by 10% for more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Hybrid Frame
Thanks to the new hybrid frame construction, (mix of square and elliptic), the racquet offers more
responsiveness at ball impact than any other tennis racquets in this segment. First strikers will get
the perfect balance between response and precision.

Evo Beam
Evo beam racquets feature different thicknesses (21/23/21mm) of the beam (at top, bottom
and middle) for less torque at ball impact and better responsiveness.

Square Beam Technology
The square racquet head shape has a gentle deformation so the contact time between frame,
string and ball lasts longer for more control and precision.

Elliptic Geometry
An elliptical frame shape and 20% more stiffness offers increased resistance to twisting and
bending for optimal power.

Shaft and Grip

Please note: When researching what tennis racquet grip size and type you want, you should also look into various shaft and grip technologies such as these, which will only help to further improve your racquet’s feel.

Cortex Pure Feel - Cortex System Technology
Babolat Racket Technology - Cortex Dampening SystemThe Cortex System provides 25% more contact between the ball and strings. The handle and the frame of Babolat Racquets that use the Cortex System are actively linked by the CDS (Cortex Dampening System) which filters and dampens the vibration that can interfere with racquet feel. Unwanted high vibration frequencies are removed while low vibration frequencies are preserved, thus enhancing feel.

Intermediate Cortex
A dual-material construction with an initial CDS (Cortex Dampening System) interface for maximized feel combined with a second, more flexible CDS material for optimal comfort upon striking. It’s the perfect compromise between comfort and feel.

Cortex Comfort
The Cortex Dampening System provides 20% more comfort. The shaft construction allows for better vibration absorption, allowing for a better feeling hit, every time.

XS Extra Sweetspot
Tolerance and versatility are the keynotes of the XS Sweetspot. Babolat Racquets that utilize the Xtra Sweetspot technology provide more forgiveness on off center shots. Extension of the sweet spot results is greater tolerance, increased trampoline effect, and longer ball contact time with the strings for greater comfort and control. Perfect for Intermediate, Recreational and Young Players, XS expands the hittable area of the racquet strings to allow the player to return more shots, and with more power on certain areas of the racquet head. XS Sweetspot can mean longer rallies and more fun.

Smart Grip Technology
Babolat’s innovative Smart Grip technology shapes the racquet handle to match the shape and contour of the human hand which allows maximum contact between hand and grip. More natural shape provides greater comfort and feel allowing hitting with less effort and stress. There is less grip rotation which provides greater control. Smart Grip certainly sets out Babolat racquets from the competition. Smart Grip is used on the the new Drive Z racquets.

Memo Grip
Memo grip, developed by Babolat for racquets between 17’ and 25’, provides a quick visual reference for kids to remember proper hand positions, serving as a teaching tool for instructors that helps students learn the correct way to hold a racket.

String Bed

Babolat Racket Technology - Woofer System

Woofer Technology
The Babolat patented Woofer technology innovates how the strings and frame interact. This is the first and most effective frame-string link system, providing a longer ball/string contact time for greater control and a sensation of comfort.

Response Woofer
Response woofer technology provides better energy return thanks to a new material injected to grommets and bumper.

FSI Spin
This repositioned woofer system provides a higher sweetspot and a tighter string pattern for
greater power and depth, with more comfort and feel.

Located at 3 and 9 o’clock, the dual-material Boost+ strengthens the frame-string
interaction,offering better return of energy to the ball for greater power.

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