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Evaluating Tennis Racquets

Choosing a Tennis Racquet.

Many players have a difficult time choosing a suitable tennis racquet. The answer is not simple since, the wide selection of racquets available today is more sophisticated and complex than ever. Designers vary specifications in the racquet's balance, thickness, construction materials, head shape and size, affecting the balance of power vs. control, comfort vs. feel, and weight and flexibility vs. strength and stability.

Selecting a tennis racquet comes down to knowing your play-level and then eliminating the racquets that don't fit the bill. Using the best tennis racquet suited for your skill level and playing style maximizes enjoyment and increases game consistency and confidence. Given the importance, it is no wonder that choosing a tennis racquet in a systematic, methodical manner has gained importance among beginners and pros alike.

Tennis Racquet Rating, Ranking and Comparison.

Players shopping for a new racquet prefer a simple tennis racquet rating system to aid their search. Such a system includes a tennis racquet comparison with a ranking methodology that leads to the best tennis racquet for individual players. Keep in mind, there is no universal rating or comparison system. However, Do It Tennis has created one of the most advanced and scientific systems for matching you with the right equipment. We consider the technical specifications and attributes used by manufacturers (Head Tennis, Wilson Tennis, Babolat Tennis, Prince Tennis, etc.) and years of industry experience from tennis experts to help you choose the tennis racquet that best fits your game. A racquet's technical qualities interact to lend a unique feel and playability. Some manufacturers, like Völkl Tennis, do a nice job of breaking its product line down along concepts like power and control, but these companies cannot offer players an unbiased system of rating tennis racquets from different brands. Using the Racquet PRO, Do It Tennis compares all tennis racquets with what YOU need, so you have the right tools to make an educated purchase.

Finding the Best Tennis Racquet for Your Game.

The Do It Tennis method of tennis racquet rating is based on the needs of the individual, rather than an arrangement of technical specifications. The Racquet PRO helps the player by asking him questions about his game and then, based on the answers, eliminating racquets that don't match.

Players can then choose a tennis racquet from this small sample through the Do It Tennis Demo Program. For the cost of shipping, the player can try out a few tennis racquets to “test the waters.” From there, players can devise their personal tennis racquet ranking and choose the best racquet to match their style and level of play.

Compare Top-Selling Tennis Racquets.

If you're buying a racquet for someone else and are unsure of their level of play, consider the following top selling tennis racquets.

  Prince o3 Silver Racquet Head Flexpoint 4 Racquet Head Liquidmetal Radical MP Racquet Wilson n1 Racquet
Overall Tennis Racquet Rating (5/5 balls) 4 5 4 4
Player Type Needs Power Needs both Power and Control Needs Control Needs Power
Player Level Beginner Intermediate Advanced Beginner
Styles of Play Short, Compact Stroke Moderate to Full Stroke Aggressive, Powerful Stroke Short, Compact Stroke
Power Level High Medium Low High
Swing Speed Slow Medium High Short
Control Level Low Medium High Low
Balance Head Heavy Even Head Light Head Heavy
Grip size/type 4 1/8 - 5/8 4 1/8 - 5/8 4 1/8 - 5/8 4 1/8 - 5/8
NTRP Tennis Racquet rating 2.0 - 3.5 3.5 - 5.0 4.5 - 6.0 2.5 - 4.0
Best Racquet String Tension 57 - 67 54 - 64 52 - 62 55 - 65
Durability/ Composition Graphite Composite Liquidmetal Titanium Composite Liquidmetal Titanium Composite 30% H Carbon/70% Graphite
Length 27.75 27.3 27 27.9
Balance 9 pts Head Heavy Even Balance 4 pts Head Light 11 pts Head Heavy
Beam Width 27 - 30 mm 27 mm 21 mm 30 mm
Colors Available Silver, Pink Blue Orange White
Recommended for Women Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recommended for Juniors Yes No Yes Yes
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Making Your Choice.

In the end, how you choose your tennis racquet comes down to how much you like the racquet you've tried and your budget. While your tennis pro may have his idea of how well suited a particular racquet is to your game, the decision depends on your skill set and how much the racquet hinders or enhances your game. A racquet should help compensate for weaknesses but not exaggerate them. It should also provide more control or power, but not detract from the things you do well on the court.

Follow the pros and find the most appropriate tennis racquet, use it consistently while focusing on game improvement.