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Tennis Racquet Review: Völkl Organix 7 295g

February 6th, 2013 by Greg C

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

The new Volkl Organix 7 has two versions:  295g and 310g.  This play-test is with the 295g (labeled 10.4 oz) and is intended to be the choice of players who desire a medium-weight racquet that offers some power without any sacrifice of control.  It is a “tweener” racquet (between game improvement and a true “player’s” racquet).


Tennis Racquet Review: Head Youtek IG Extreme S 2.0

February 4th, 2013 by Malik Benyebka

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

The Head IG Extreme S 2.0 is the lightest version of the entire YouTek Extreme IG 2.0 series weighing in at 11.4 ounces. It is an oversized racquet with a 107 square inch head size. This Head racquet is composed of d3o technology enabling it to adapt to your strokes.  Designed with Innegra, the lightest high performance fiber…


Tennis Racquet Review: Wilson Blade 93

January 28th, 2013 by Marc Pinckney

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

For a long time now I have been off Wilson racquets. They have always made the best frames in my mind, in a historical sense, but the last few years a lot of their ‘player’ frames felt clunky and unwieldy. This was true even for someone who had played with Wilson racquets for much of his life and was therefore predisposed to give a new Wilson offering a favorable look.


Edwards Tennis Nets: You Don’t Hear About Them, Because They Work So Well

January 14th, 2013 by Christopher Mohr

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews

When it comes to managing sports facilities, it’s a great day when certain topics don’t come up. If you operated softball diamonds for championship tournaments, you wouldn’t want to deal with complaints about the dimensions of the playing fields. At the end of the tournament, it’s your hope that no one ever brings the matter up, because no one ever gives praise for a properly configured field. In tennis it’s no different. If tennis nets, posts and the court surface are not within specifications, people will complain but if they are reliable no one notices or comments.


Non-Profit Seeks to Make Tennis Backboards More Easily Available

January 8th, 2013 by Christopher Mohr

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Court Equipment Reviews, Tennis News

Many campaigns have been launched in the name of improving diet and fitness in recent years. A few years ago, the National Football League started the Play 60 campaign encouraging children to be active at least 60 minutes a day in an effort to prevent child obesity. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop founded Shape Up America in 1994 to address obesity. Many other organizations dedicated to health and fitness like these were created to promote and educate the public about fitness and more healthy lifestyles. One of the more unusual ones, Project Tennis Backboard, seeks to make tennis backboards more available to the public.


OUCH! Isn’t Tennis Elbow Enough?

November 2nd, 2012 by Suzi Martel

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Training Aids, Tennis Lifestyle

When you think of sports that require a lot of jumping, I’ll bet the last sport that crosses your mind is tennis; volleyball and basketball, yes, but tennis, unlikely. However, when it comes to Patellar Tendinitis, better known as Jumper’s Knee, no court sport seems to be spared. Just ask world class tennis Pro Rafael Nadal who has been suffering from this condition for years. Missing golden career opportunity, after opportunity, from the London Olympics and Wimbledon in 2009, to this year’s US Open in New York, this young athlete still holds an impressive 11 Grand Slam titles.



Uber-simple, sports icon apparel company: Stick It Wear?!TM by Joe Durica

October 26th, 2012 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Stick It Wear?! pays homage to the fan re-creation of well known tennis player’s movements and moments. The shirts are adorned with stick characters or ‘smart figures’ that are directly inspired from the refined Olympic pictograms of the 60s and 70s. The subtle and suggestive use of smart figures evokes an elegance that translates into simple, witty and endearing images. They simplify our memories as we pass them from generation to generation of sports enthusiasts.


Tennis Racquet Review: Dunlop Biomimetic MAX 200G

September 17th, 2012 by Marc Pinckney

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

They should just call this racquet the Dunlop John McEnroe model and be done with it. The simple reality of the thing is that only a gifted player with genius hands and feet is going to be able to maximize the design and features of this racquet. In my humble certainty; there is a very small main market for this racquet. I am sure that with that start, all will be surprised that, this is basically a rave review coming up.


Makin’ a Racket About My Tennis Racquet

September 10th, 2012 by Dee Adams

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews, Tennis Lifestyle

When I was a novice player taking lessons in college, my first racquet was actually a gift. Let me rephrase that; it was more of a hand-me-down. But hey, I thought it was so cool, my first tennis racquet. That was in 1998 and they have come a long way, even since then. I still have that ol’ thing and have used it as a benchmark when reviewing or shopping for others up until the latest and greatest left my little guy in the dust.


Volkl Tennis Racquets, Known as the Tennis Elbow Racquets for Good Reason

August 15th, 2012 by Andy

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Volkl tennis racquets feature some of the most advanced technology in tennis today, as well as a line of racquets that that covers all skill levels and other preferences.  Volkl’s have always been known as the “tennis elbow” racquets, because of their prevention in arm injuries due to technology that softens and dampens shock, vibration, and other feedback.  It begins with their DNX technology, which is a super-light as well as extremely strong carbon fiber material that you can find in all of their current racquets.  These fibers are created to withstand maximum force applied at all angles, giving every shot the same feel.  Having this feature in a tennis racquet means you’ll have a consistent touch with every shot, allowing your game to groove to whatever shots you’re hitting.  The DNX technology has recently been improved on, leading us to the current generation of racquets, the Volkl Organix line.


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