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Pro Affiliate Program

Grow Your Business With Us

How Does It Work?

The program is designed with tennis teaching professionals, racquet stringers and website owners in mind. As a Pro Affiliate of Do It Tennis, you reach potential buyers (typically students or stringing clients) and then use www.Do It as your personal online tennis shop direct to fulfill their tennis equipment needs. When a shopper makes a purchase on his own, or when you purchase product from Do It Tennis on behalf of your client, the you earn a 5% commission!

The Pro Affiliate Program Hierarchal Diagram

How Do I Earn My Commission?

As a Pro Affiliate you have 3 ways to earn commissions:

Direct Purchase: You, the Pro Affiliate, can purchase equipment for your client on his or her behalf by entering the order directly at or by calling in the order at (866) 900-3648. If you place the order on behalf of your client, you can pay with your own credit card and then seek reimbursement from your client, or you can pay with the clients credit card. Either way, you earn your commission.

Business Cards: Do It Tennis will supply you with business cards that have a unique coupon code printed on it along with your name and instructions for the shopper. You hand these out to your clients. When they make a purchase at using your unique coupon code, you earn a 5% commission.

The Pro Affiliate Program: Business Cards

Banner Ad: Do It Tennis will supply you with a banner ad to place on your website. You will hyperlink this banner to using a special URL that is unique to you. When a shopper clicks on your banner they are taken to via a unique link that identifies the shopper as having come from your site. When he or she makes a purchase, you get a 5% commission.

The Pro Affiliate Banner Ad Program

Who Can Join?

Tennis Teaching and Racquet Stringing Professionals - You can join our program regardless of sponsorship status, affiliation status, or professional membership (USTA, PTR, USRSA, etc.). All we care about is that you are a Tennis Pro who is looking for a way to earn some extra cash.

Own a Verifiable Website - If you are not a Tennis Pro, you need a way to drive shoppers to We need to see and approve your site before we will give you the banner ad link with you unique pro affiliate html code.

How Do I Join?

Apply Online:

Registered Users: If you already have a customer account with Do It Tennis, login below to be taken to the Pro Affiliate application.

New Users: Click on the Create New Account link below to create your customer account and then complete the Pro Affiliate application.

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