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3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Tennis Game

September 16th, 2018 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

3 Way Yoga Can Improve Your Tennis Game
Tennis is an amazing workout; not only the physical aspect, but the mental one. It combines aerobic exercise with hand eye coordination. Tennis players need to be able to move fast, think fast and act fast. But as a tennis player, have you ever thought of slowing it down?

Take yoga, for instance. Yoga goes at a much slower pace, but the benefits of yoga can easily translate over to improving your tennis game.

Endurance- Tennis requires an immense about of endurance with quick sprints around the court. Surprisingly enough, yoga requires endurance as well, to be able to hold challenging postures with perfect form. Yoga can improve your endurance on the court with poses that will help build strength, make you faster and recover quicker from some of the harsh physical demands of tennis.
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Balance- Being quick on your feet is essential in tennis and while being quick in yoga is not necessarily essential; balance is imperative. The balance that is required in yoga can help your body improve in a number of ways, keeping you sturdy on the court.
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Joint and Muscle Health- Again, while tennis is an amazing workout, it can be extremely demanding on the body by putting stress on the muscles and joints. Yoga can counteract that stress, with stretching (especially in heated yoga) and core work. Yoga can actually prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, help protect the spine, improve overall bone health and increase your blood flow.

The nice thing about yoga is you don’t have to go to a studio to gain it’s benefits. You can do it right from your own home and the benefits will absolutely show in your tennis game!

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