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What’s All The Racquet About? 5 New Tennis Racquets for 2015

February 5th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

If you’re looking for a new tennis racquet to achieve your 2015 goals you’ve come to the right place? We cover a handful of this year’s newest racquets from the top tennis racquet brands such as Babolat, HEAD, Wilson, Asics and Prince.

Babolat AeroPro Drive PLAY Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive Play
The Babolat AeroPro Drive Play tennis racquet is much like a regular racquet, but enhanced with sensors that collect a multitude of information about how you play tennis. It senses where the tennis racquet takes most of the impact, as well as which types of strokes you perform most. It takes into account how many forehands, backhands, serves, overheads and volleys you have hit; and get this, it can even tell you how many topspin, flat, and slice shots you hit. It still plays like a regular tennis racquet despite the buttons and the USB port on the buttcap. The battery lasts 6 hours which is perfect for most players. It even has an app that can store all the information on your phone or tablet. With all this technology you would expect it to be heavy, but it’s actually less than 12 ounces. The tennis racquet itself helps you hit with a lot of topspin. A wide range of tennis players enjoy this racquet, from beginner players to pros such as Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniaki.  Though there are some inconsistencies with the technology in this tennis racquet, it is still a racquet worth trying. It’s a bit steeper in price at $349.00, but is worth the improvements to your game if you play pretty regularly.

HEAD Graphene XT Instinct Rev Pro Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet: HEAD Graphene XT Instinct Rev Pro
The Head Graphene XT Rev Pro tennis racquet is another great addition to the Head family this year. This tennis racquet is light weight at only 9.6 ounces, and is perfect for fast hands. This racquet is somewhat customizable because you can interchange the grommets to have more control with a 16 x 19 string job, or more spin with a 16x16 string job. It’s ideal for beginners because it doesn’t take much to get the most power out of it. Baseliners can also rejoice because it has great maneuverability, which makes it also suited for players with shorter strokes. This racquet comes in at a modest $179.95.

Wilson Blade 98S Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet: Wilson Blade 98S
The Wilson Blade 98S tennis racquet is an update on Wilson’s popular Blade 98 model. In the new-98S model Wilson added spin technology to generate more spin and power. This tennis racquet has a slightly larger sweet spot, but is a bit more difficult to hit. It’s better suited for someone with a long stroke and a little more experience, because of the spin-effect and the way it moves. This racquet weighs in at 11 ounces and can feel a little sluggish to some beginner players. For an advanced player, the top-of-the-line racquet technology makes the $230 price tag worth it.

Asics BZ 100 Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet: Asics BZ 100
The Asics BZ 100 tennis racquet is not for beginners. This tennis racquet offers control, in addition to more spin and an ample sweet spot. This racquet has less power, though, and can play a little bit stiff, which makes it better for someone who is more experienced. It also has more shock-absorption and using a regular dampener can feel strange. Therefore, you may need to adjust the type of string you use with it; if it still feels too stiff, softer strings could do the trick. Lastly the Asics BZ 100 scores high in appearance. It has a really cool design and it is unlike others on the market. You’ll only be paying $189 for Asics’ modern take on a tennis racquet.

Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP Tennis Racquet

Tennis Racquet: Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP
Another tennis racquet that is more suited for intermediate and advanced players is the Prince Tour Pro 100 ESP. This tennis racquet offers just the right amount of stability and power, spin-generation. It uses the 16X16 string pattern gives it that extra spin. Comparable to similar tennis racquets on the market, it has a strung-weight of 11.5 ounces, improving that sturdy feeling. It is head-light and has a fast feel for its weight. It also doesn’t have the ports seen on other prince racquets so it is more favorable. If you’re a player that likes to hit with a lot of spin this racquet is worth trying. This Prince Tour Pro tennis racquet is also budget-friendly at only $179.00


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