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5 Quick Tips for Working-Off Your Turkey Dinner

November 25th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis How To, Tennis Lifestyle

5 Quick Tips for Working-Off Your Turkey Dinner Depending on what you eat for Thanksgiving Dinner, you can consume around 3000 calories in one sitting. You could easily gain a pound in one day from what you chow down on.  But do not fret, here are some great ways to burn-off those calories. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to burn them all in one go, but you can at least burn enough to make room for desert; and then continue working them off throughout the weekend with these five fat-burning tips for a completely guilt-free Thanksgiving Feast.

Tennis: Grab your racquet for some time on the tennis courts! You burn around 400 calories per hour playing tennis, depending on your level of play and if you are playing singles or doubles. Play three hours and you could burn over 1000 calories. If you add a warmup, such as laps around the tennis court and cardio drills, you could be looking at more!
Running: Want to burn some more? Slip on your tennis kicks and run a marathon (or half-marathon!). You can burn around 2600 calories while running a full marathon, which covers most of your Thanksgiving dinner! Here is a great list of Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots. If you haven’t signed up for one, you can still run on your own to a guilt-free desert.

If the long-distance isn’t your thing, try running sprints on the tennis court. Running wind-sprints back-and-forth burns a lot of calories quickly because it’s high-intensity. You could even fire up that tennis ball machine and start chasing practice serves along the baseline.

If you’re not up for much sprinting after gorging yourself, go for a nice jog. You burn around 100 calories in one mile, so even just running a few miles can burn off a few of those dinner rolls or even a slice of pie.

Walking: If you need a slower and less-impactful way to burn off those calories, try walking. Get outside and stroll around the neighborhood with the relatives. You can burn around 100 calories per mile. This is the perfect post-Thanksgiving meal workout, as it’s not overly-strenuous and allows time for visiting with distant family members. Take the whole family out between courses and watch their energy levels rise, making the rest of the night that much more festive.

Jump Rope: Grab the kids and head outside for a jump rope competition. Jumping rope can burn a lot of calories and is something you can get the kids involved in, too! This full-body workout burns about 10 calories per minute. So, in ten minutes of jumping you can burn 100 calories.

Interval Training: Get your HIIT workout on! Interval training involves short bursts of high-intensity workouts with recovery exercises in-between. In an hour to an hour and a half of interval (HIIT) training you can burn over 1000 calories, depending on how hard you work out. One session each day over Thanksgiving Weekend, and it’ll be as if your turkey dinner never happened. Please note: This is best-suited for a more athletic person, who has a regular workout regimen in place.

So there you have it. Don’t get weighed down by your turkey dinner this year! Get out there and play some tennis, run, jump or walk your way to a guilt-free Thanksgiving Dinner.

How do you work off your Thanksgiving Feast?
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