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Junior Tennis Shoes Review

July 21st, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Choosing tennis shoes for your junior tennis player can be a long and tedious process. One important thing to note about juniors’ tennis shoes is that they are oftentimes modeled after the adult version of the shoes, but made of lighter materials which do make them slightly less durable.  Despite this, they will still hold up for your junior player and will provide necessary comfort while they run around (even when not playing tennis). Whether you are looking for comfort or durability for your junior player, there are plenty of tennis shoes options to choose from.

Adidas Barricade Team 4 xJ Tennis Shoes (Navy/ Metallic/ Frozen Yellow)
The Adidas Barricade Team 4 xJ tennis shoes are very breathable and will keep their feet cool and dry –helping to reduce chaffing and even athlete’s foot. It has AdiPrene + cushioning which will absorb the shock of the tennis court on their developing bones and joints. The outsole is non-marking (for your home floors) and has both grip and pivot points. These tennis shoes are probably best suited for a beginner player.  If they are on the tennis court more frequently, they may need the Barricade 2015 model (see below).

Adidas 2015 Barricade Junior Tennis Shoes
Even your junior player can experience the brilliance of the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes line. It’s made of slightly different material as the adult version, but still well-constructed and very comfortable. It has a breathable mesh upper that has a welded tpu overlay which feels like it conforms to the foot. The Barricade has midfoot stability enhancements, and cushion in the heels and forefoot.  The outsole is durable and should hold up for a while.  These tennis shoes are perfect for the aggressive junior tennis player.

Prince Junior T22 Tennis Shoes (Pink/ Yellow)
Prince’s Junior T22 tennis shoes are more ventilated than the previous model. The upper is a slightly different material than the adult version, but there is still mesh and will fit like a glove. These tennis shoes also have a shock absorbing midsole and a non-marking outsole. For the more aggressive junior tennis players, there is a toe guard to help prevent extra wear from toe-dragging. These also have great cushioning for long tournament days and weekends.

Babolat Propulse Team BPM Junior Tennis Shoes (Blue/ Green)
The Babolat Propulse team BPM junior tennis shoes are very similar in build, just a smaller size than the adult version. The upper is a synthetic leather mixed with mesh. In order to maximize durability, there is extra material on the sides of the shoes where most wear tends to occur. The midsole uses the same Kompressor cushioning system as the adult version. The outsole can be used on any tennis court and has plenty of traction. In fact, it offers 20% more surface contract than traditional outsole patterns. This shoe is a great option for all junior tennis players.

Now that you have an idea of which tennis shoes to try out with your junior player, here are some tips for making the purchase:
• Keep in mind their feet are always growing. Buy in the next half-size up in order to accommodate a growth spurt.
• Remind them that the comfort of the shoe is most important. Less important is the look.
• If anything feels uncomfortable when they try them on, it won’t feel good later during a match.
• You will still have to replace the tennis shoes at least once a year, so it may be worth it to buy two pairs.
• It may take some convincing but some junior boys can fit into women’s shoes before they are able to fit into the men’s shoes. There are some gender-neutral options in the women’s tennis shoes category   and they would be more durable than the junior models.

Now, looking for junior’s tennis shoes doesn’t have to be stressful or chaotic. Check out our full selection, and don’t miss the helpful information and resources for tennis shoes we have in our Buyer’s Guides. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to give us a call or chat us on one of our social profiles if you have any questions or looking for specific tips.