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Head Limited Edition Radical Monstercombi Tennis Bag Review

June 4th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

The Head Limited Edition Radical Monstercombi tennis bag is a revamped version to the radical bag series. The fabric is slightly different and Head has added technology to improve the utility. The fabric is as durable and protective as ever, and has a cool retro color scheme. The design is sleek black with pops of neon orange, greens and blues. The logo also has a cool effect to it as well, and there is large Head logo on the back of the bag.

There is a decent amount of storage, just enough for your tennis racquets and accessories. There are three main compartments that will each hold 3 racquets. The Head Limited Edition Radical tennis bag can hold up to 9 tennis racquets at most. One of the compartments has climate control technology which will protect your racquets from the elements. This is important because extreme weather like cold or humidity can change your string tensions, and even damage the racquet.  It is also a great pocket to store a lunch and/or water bottle for a long day on the courts. There are also two small accessory pockets on the outside of this bag. You can store spare dampeners here, or even a small phone and wallet, but that’s probably about all.

This tennis bag would be a good option for a tennis player who plays frequently, but doesn’t need tremendous storage for racquets. I can even see a tournament player enjoying this bag strictly for their racquets and a few small items like a can of balls and refreshments. Most tennis players will get this bag just for the look, and I don’t blame them because it’s a nice color combo with a simple sleek design.

In all, Head has made yet another eye-catching and very useful tennis bag that will hold most of what you need every time you take it out on the tennis court.

For a better look at this bag check out our video review