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Wilson Agency 9 Pack Tennis Bag Review

May 26th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

The Wilson Agency 9 pack tennis bag is one of my favorite looking tennis bags on the market. The Wilson Agency tennis bag has a classic black on black design, and just the right amount of space to carry 9 tennis racquets. It has a designer look at a not-so-designer price. This bag can be a favorite for club players who want a well made bag that matches with everything you wear.

The design is plain, but very sleek and gender neutral. It has a woven material on the outside that will stand up to wear. The logos on this bag are black and hardly stand out. The hardware is also black as well as sturdy, and adds a nice touch of style to this bag.

The inside of the Wilson Agency 9 pack tennis bag has a good amount of storage. It can store up to 9 tennis racquets. Less, if you need to store extra tennis shoes or clothes. There are two racquet compartments and many more accessory pockets. The outer compartment can hold 3 tennis racquets. The large main compartment can hold 6 tennis racquets and has a felt-lined accessory pocket, perfect for keeping electronics safe. In the main compartment there is also a shoe tunnel perfect for stinky shoes or clothes you want to keep separate from the rest of your bag.
On the Wilson Agency 9 Pack tennis bag, even the handles have details. The handles add to the sleek look and are a leather material. To carry this bag you can use the padded adjustable back pack straps,the middle grab handle, or the top handle. The top handle is good for hanging the bag on the fence so you can keep it off of the ground and the backpack is comfortable on the shoulders.

With the Wilson Agency 9 pack tennis bag, now you can have a bag that will match with everything, is easy on the eyes, and will be the talk of everyone at the tennis club… Not to mention it can hold all of most tennis players’ apparel and gear.