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Wilson Burn 15 Pack Tennis Bag Review

June 23rd, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews
The Wilson Burn 15-pack tennis bag is part of the Wilson Burn tennis bag collection. Its design is fiery hot with a red and orange color scheme. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, there are also many great functional features of this bag that makes it a top-contender when selecting the best tennis bag for your needs, especially of those that carry a high quantity of racquets. Here’s a summary of some of our favorite features.

Molded Compartments: The outside of this tennis bag is a molded shell material that will add significant protection for your racquets.

Thermoguard Compartments: This compartment will protect your tennis racquets from the additional wear and tear caused by weather.

Moistureguard Compartment: The moistureguard compartment will keep your items dry and preventing any items from possibly mildewing.

Padded Mesh Backpack Straps: The adjustable straps are nicely padded and will not cut into your shoulders and cause chaffing.

Stores up to 15 tennis racquets: You can store a lot of tennis racquets. Ideally, you can fit 5 racquets per compartment, but if you have more valuable racquets you should use the moistureguard and thermoguard compartments first for those.

With all these great features, this tennis bag did lack a few features we were hoping to see

No Shoe Tunnel: It would have been very convenient to have a shoe tunnel to hide stinky tennis shoes or wet towels. Similarly, it would have also been nice to have ventilation in one of the compartments to air out clothes or tennis shoes.

Small Accessory Pockets: The accessory pockets in this bag are even smaller than usual. They might fit a wallet or cell phone, but if you need to store a tablet or bigger item, you’ll simply have to use up some space in one of the compartments.

The Wilson Burn 15 Pack tennis bag checks most the boxes on list of pros for a big tennis bag with lots of storage. It is a great tennis bag to accompany a tennis player who travels and plays tournaments frequently. 

To find out more of its features, check out this video review by Do It Tennis