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Babolat Aero Pro Drive Tennis Racquet Review

May 14th, 2011 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Babolat Aero Pro Drive

I had the opportunity to play test the new Babolat Aero Pro Drive racquet, a racquet Babolat describes as an “expert” player racquet.  Although a bit anxious about being described an “expert”, I decided to give it a go—and the personnel at “Do It Tennis” were very encouraging. The Aero Pro Drive is a relatively light-weight racquet—at 10.6 oz—and is balanced to generate racquet-head speed (7 pts. head-light).  It's 100 sq. inch headsize is the same as my regular racquet, but, interestingly, looks a bit smaller.  It might just be the aerodynamic shape of the hoop (& throat) that makes it appear different.  Or maybe it's the very cool Yellow/Black/White graphics!

When I first held the Babolat Aero Pro Drive it felt as if it were heavier than 10.6 oz.—I even checked the label to verify it's weight.  But after a few strokes I realized how easily maneuvered it really is—and how quick it reacts to my wishes due to it's design. While playing I noticed that my ground strokes were deeper and faster.  There was very little vibration, and the racquet imparts a “solid” feel.  It is a bit on the stiff side—but with the Cortex System and, apparently, the GT Technology, I always felt in control of my shots (no bone-jarring shock or “buzzing”). Volleys were crisp and powerful.  It felt as if the racquet was doing all of the work (as long as I hit the sweet spot—more later).

This racquet really shines on serves.  My first serve—ever—with this racquet was an ace (who wouldn't like it then?!).  Again—it has the power—all I had to do was hit the ball properly and it was going “in”—and FAST!  The same applies to overheads—a true great performer!

Now more regarding the sweet spot: My first impression was that if I hit the sweet spot, or close to it, the racquet was sensational..  But I did find that it was rather unforgiving on any substantial “off center” hits.  It wanted to twist more than I like—I had to keep a tighter grip on the handle.  These off-center hits would cause weaker returns/ground strokes etc.  But—after all—this IS an “expert” player's racquet, right?  And, after a couple sets, I no longer noticed it as any major issue. It is my opinion that this racquet is a great choice for players in the 4.0+ ability—especially those who are base-liners and have full/long strokes.  I think it would also be a good choice for anyone currently using a racquet with a 98”-105” who wish to increase the power of their serve and ground strokes via faster racquet-head speed.