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Babolat Jet Tennis Shoe Review #FasterToTheBall‬

April 5th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Babolat Jet Tennis Shoe Review #‎FasterToTheBall‬

On the tennis court where every extra ounce matters, the new ultra-light weight Babolat Jet tennis shoe will help you get to the ball faster. For highly competitive tennis players, they’re a great choice if you demand the most from your tennis equipment.

Check out the new Babolat Jet tennis shoes.

Babolat Jet for Speed and Agility

Extremely lightweight (a men’s US size 9 weighs a puny 11.5 ounces) the Babloat Jet helps you take off to reach those sideline returns with more ease. On court agility and five-set comfort are delivered by the Babolat Jet’s active Flexxion technology and the unique outsole (along the shoe’s outer edge). The patented Kompressor heel provides high-performance shock absorption using a special TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compressing system.

Babolat Jet for Durability and Traction

When doing your own tennis shoe review and research of ultra-light tennis shoes don’t ignore durability. To save precious ounces, many lightweight tennis shoes use less durable materials that don’t provide support and stability. Regular competitive tennis players end up replacing tennis shoes too frequently or don’t feel grounded on the tennis court. The Babolat Jet weaves Kevlar® (the same material that has been used in bullet-proof vests) and high resistance polymide threads into key areas of the upper for long lasting strength. Babolat refers to this patented technology and innovative combination of remarkable lightweight shoes with the perfect support as MatrYX™.

The on tennis court, traction and extreme grip needed for aggressive footwork and tennis match success comes from the Babolat Jet’s new S-shaped sculptures and an exclusive rubber outsole developed with the experts at Michelin.

Want More on Babolat Tennis Shoes?

Ready to fly around the court or just want to learn more about the technical advances of Babolat tennis shoes? Make the tennis experts at your favorite authorized Babolat tennis shoe dealer your partner in deciding what is best for your type of tennis game.

What’s your view?

What do you like about the new Babolat Jet tennis shoes? Which Babolat tennis shoe models have been your favorites?

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