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Babolat Pure Storm Tennis Racquet Review

May 14th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Babolat Pure Storm GT '11

When I first played with this racquet I felt I could do no wrong. It felt great in my hand and the overall balance of the racquet seemed perfect. Seemingly, I could swing as hard as I wanted and the ball did exactly what I intended. I felt I had total control over the ball and this would be the racquet for my future.  Then I started to look at the specs of the racquet to see why I liked the racquet so much in the beginning. The head size was 95 in2, the size I like; then I looked at the weight of the racquet which was 11.3 oz right in the middle, not too light but more of the heavier side. I really liked the way the throat of the Babolat Pure Storm feels in your hand. The racquet beam is 20mm all the way through the racquet from top to bottom giving it a great overall feel of stability.

Then I went out and gave a lesson feeding balls and light hitting and I got a completely different impression. It felt hollow, the ball died off the racquet head, and I noticed it was more flexible than I remembered the first time playing with the racquet.

With this change of heart this racquet is good for a player who swings hard at the ball and does not hold back on their shots. If you are looking for touch this is not the racquet for you. It is better suited to a baseline style of player who makes limited trips to the net, so singles play would be preferable, but doubles is possible if you hit and stay back.  A player who plays regularly will be able to generate more power due to better timing of the ball. I would suggest that this racquet is best suited to a player in the 4.5-6.0 rating.