Babolat Y 109 Smart Grip Tennis Racquet Review

June 6th, 2011

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Babolat Y 109 Smart Grip

Provided the fact that tennis players need the right and suitable tools and equipments for the sport, there are a lot of tennis rackets of different kinds available in the market. But quality and comfort must always be considered. The most expensive rackets are not always the best one. Although the materials that are used to manufacture those kind of products are top of the line, there are some instances that it cannot fit a player's structure and capabilities. Tennis players who are looking for a way to add up some pop on every shot but will retain control on their swings should check out Babolat Y 109 Smart Grip Tennis Racquet. With its structural design, safety, precision and consistency on maneuvers are obvious.

It has an average weight of 10.1 ounces which makes it easier for the players to control their groundstrokes and serves. It maintains stability with its side drivers. It also features a removable smart grip that ensures comfort in every movement. It will be up to the user if he will use the grip or not. This kind of tennis rackets are recommendable for beginners to intermediate players and NTRP 3.0+ players. It has a headsize of 109 square inch and its length is 27.2 inches. Babolat Y 109 Smart Grip Tennis Racquet, along with the other Babolat models in the series, is designed to provide more energy and power to every swing. Of all the tennis racquets available, the Babolat series of Y rackets are truly impressive.

In tennis, ball impact is important. It doesn't only rely on how a player position himself but also with the quality of the tennis racket he is using. The features must fit how your style and techniques are for an exact and desirable angle of the swings. Try this one out and you will see the difference.