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Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder x6 Tennis Bag Review

July 1st, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder

I found the Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder to be super functional, professional-looking bag.  Knowing that Babolat is a name synonymous with superior quality tennis racquets, bags and equipment I had high expectations for this bag.  
I really like the structure that includes two large compartments, one to hold racquets and the other one is large enough to hold another racquet or a change of clothes, hygiene gear, shoes, or a towel.  The well-constructed handles are padded, letting me carry it like a duffle bag or I can use the convenient adjustable shoulder strap, though I prefer to detach it and just carry the bag by the handles duffle bag style.  
My favorite feature is the removable bag that easily holds wet towels, socks, and shirts and keeps it from co-mingling with my clean clothes and other tennis gear in the bag.  Plus, it helps keep the funk out of the inside of the bag.  
Because it’s designed to hold up to 6 racquets, it’s very useful when I head out to play tennis with the kids, as it’s easy for us to put all our racquets in one convenient tennis bag, and hold on to water, towels too.  The racquets can fit without or with a racquet cover too and keeps them well protected.  
I also love the roomy side pocket where I can throw my phone, keys, ID and cash while I play.  
If you need a tennis bag that holds multiple racquets or a full change of clothes and shoes, I recommend the Babolat Y Line Racquet Holder, as it’s fairly priced and a truly quality choice that has style and function.