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Babolat’s 2015 French Open Tennis Collection

May 14th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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With the French Open just around the corner, Babolat has come out with a line of tennis gear specifically for it. From backpacks to racquet grips, Do It Tennis has the collection available now! You can find Babolat’s New French Open Collection here!

Before you shop, here’s some info about products in the new French Open line!

Babolat French Open Tennis Gear Collection

Babolat Pure Aero French Open Backpack

The first item in the collection is the Pure Aero French Open Tennis Backpack. A perfect match for storing your Babolat AeroPro tennis racquet, the Pure Aero French Open backpack has red and yellow design, and carries the Roland Garros emblem.

The outside of this backpack is durable and protective, while the inside of the bag can hold up to two tennis racquets (one protected by the handle sleeve), towels, tennis shoes and more. The padded straps make it comfortable to wear, and the handle makes it easy to hang up on the fence.

If you need more storage space the next best bag in the collection is the 6-pack tennis bag.

Babolat Pure Aero French Open 6-Pack Tennis Bag

To meet greater storage needs there Babolat has the Pure Aero French Open 6 Pack Tennis Bag.  Unlike some 6-pack bags, this one easily fits those 6 tennis racquets, along with tennis clothes or shoes on top of that.

One of the nicest features of this bag is its two thermally protected compartments, which means all of your tennis racquets will be protected from the heat. In addition to a top carry strap, this tennis bag has removable backpack straps, offering you more ways to wear it.

If you’re still looking for more room to accommodate more tennis racquets, the 12-pack is the bag for you.

Babolat Pure Aero French Open 12-Pack Tennis Bag

You can store everything you need and more in this 12-pack tennis bag. The outside of this bag is molded and will keep its shape. The Babolat Pure Aero French Open 12-pack has 3 compartments which store up to 4 racquets each. Two of these pockets are thermally protected, keeping a majority of your racquets shielded from heat.

There is also a special shoe ‘tunnel’ that allows you to store your tennis shoes away from the rest of the contents, and even offers ventilation which helps air them out after a day on the tennis court.

Since this 12-Pack tennis bag has the capacity to hold up to 12 tennis racquets it also makes it great for traveling.

Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open Tennis Racquet

Put your favorite tennis bag above to good use with the Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open tennis racquet. This racquet is the same AeroPro Drive you know and love, but cosmetically screams French Open.

You will see Rafael Nadal play with it in the big tournament. This tennis racquet has many features to help you hit with maximum topspin, precision and power. You won’t want to play without it.

Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open - Junior 26

For the junior players, there is even a junior edition of the Babolat AeroPro Drive racquet. This tennis racquet is ideal for a 10-12-year-old who plays frequently. It’s very similar to the full-sized version of the racquet, but is lighter weight and easier for a younger player to handle.

Babolat French Open Tennis Balls

Of course you can’t play tennis without tennis balls!

The Babolat French Open All Court tennis balls are best for use on clay courts and indoor courts, but are certainly durable enough to be played on all courts. Each ball has a stamp of Rolland Garros, and is the great item to commemorate the tournament.

That rounds out the Babolat French Open tennis gear collection, and adds to the brewing excitement of the tournament. Don’t forget to head over to our dedicated French Open gear page to shop! This year’s French Open is going to be one to remember. So whether you are watching from the grand stand, or just watching from your home, you can have a piece of the magic at home by shopping the Babolat French Open 2015 collection at Do It Tennis.