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Back To School Essentials for Tennis Players

August 17th, 2017 by Do It Tennis

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A4 Performance Tee /Wilson Women’s Grey/pink backpack / Wilson Rush Pro tennis shoe
/ Penn Tennis Ball case / Wilson Pro Overgrip/

It’s back to school which means time to stock up on whatever your tennis player may need for the upcoming school year.

Tennis Back Pack!
Tennis back packs are versatile options for the tennis player who has to go to class and lug around their tennis gear for practice after school or during school hours. Keep everything you need all in one place and keep your racquet safe. Most of the tennis backpacks have a handle protector for the tennis racquet handle your tennis racquet will be protected. There are also plenty of compartments to hold tennis clothes as well as textbooks. Smaller pockets can hold pencils and dampeners alike.

Brand new racquet!
Make sure your tennis player has a fresh racquet that can last the school year as well as if they are ready to switch from a junior’s racquet to an adult racquet. A quality tennis racquet should last for the school year or longer. If your tennis player will be playing tennis more often it would be wise to have a few tennis racquet.  If you aren’t ready for a new racquet yet, make sure there is a fresh set of strings instead.

Fresh pair of shoes
Or even two pairs.
Almost as important as a fresh tennis racquet is fresh tennis shoes!
Depending on the amount of wear your tennis player will put on the shoes it would be worth buying two pairs of shoes and cycling them in and out. Get the kind that has the 6-month guarantee so if they do wear through them, they will get a replacement pair. This way they are set for the whole school year! Brand new shoes are a must if your tennis player has been wearing the same shoes all summer of is planning on upping their game this year.
Performance T Shirts

Stock up on performance t shirts that are in expensive. The A4 performance tees are a great option.  This way they will always have enough shirts for the week to wear to practice without always having to do laundry every day. Same thing goes for uniforms. If there is a particular uniform they will need for the school year stock up on them so that they aren’t ever without a clean one. It never hurts to have an extra set of clothes in their locker in case they forget them or bring the wrong pair.

Tennis balls

Most schools provide tennis balls for their tennis players but if your tennis player will be practicing on their own, it would be wise to have a case of your own tennis balls on hand. There’s nothing worse than needing tennis balls only to have a can of used tennis balls that you can’t play with.

One last essential that is worth stocking up on is grips. They are cheap and small enough to throw in your tennis backpack. Its also nice to be able to change them out whenever you want to instead of not having them when you desperately need a new grip.
Back to school is never an easy time of year, but having all the essentials makes it all the more easier! Playing a sport can add to the challenge but hopefully this list helps you prepare your tennis player for the new school year.

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