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Back To School Tips For Youth Tennis Players.

August 13th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Lifestyle, Youth Sports

We all knew it was coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Yes, we’re talking, back to school time - a time where parents rejoice and students mourn. Back to school can be stressful, especially when it comes to your youth tennis players who will be back to a full schedule of tennis and an upcoming season in the sport, on top of their next year in school. Here are some tips that can make starting back to school easier for your youth athletes.

1)  Tennis shoes: This is an obvious necessity for all tennis players. More important, is having two pairs. The shoes will get a lot of wear, especially when the season starts again, so it’s valuable to buy two pairs so they can switch them out as soon as they need new ones, or they can even alternate and make both pairs of tennis shoes last longer. They could even keep one at school and one at home so they don’t have to remember to lug their tennis shoes home from school.

2) Tennis Backpack: Instead of having to take a school backpack and a tennis bag you might as well get them a tennis backpack. Most are large enough to carry one to two racquets and will still have room for books, binders, and a lunch. Plus, their tennis racquets will stay protected in a separate compartment.

3) Athletic socks: It will be vital to get them a large stash of athletic socks, men’s or women’s socks, which are moisture wicking.  They will go through many pairs during the week; even in a single day if they’re in the middle of a tennis season. Pack them a few pairs of tennis socks, and if they have a locker have them keep some there, as well. There is nothing worse than not having a cool, clean pair of socks to play in. Also, be sure to get them the moisture-wicking athletic socks so that they aren’t wearing wet socks after their tennis class or practice. This will also help cut back on that funky youth smell, as well.

4) Extra uniforms or tennis clothes: We know how team or club uniforms are, so this one may make your wallet cringe but it really is worth getting a second set of their tennis uniform or an extra outfit of tennis apparel for days they forget one or it’s dirty… or eventually as they get older they may even workout twice in one day. The coaches will thank you, too, because if the players don’t have their uniform, they can’t play. For tennis clothes, you never know when they will forget theirs, so just give them an extra set of tennis apparel to keep in their locker just in case. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to do so… A4 and DUC Apparel are just two of several brands that have great low-priced tennis necessities, like t- shirts, shorts and tennis skirts.

5) Reusable water bottle: A reusable water bottle is also highly beneficial so they can make sure to stay hydrated at all times. They’ll be able to easily fill it up anywhere and leave it in their tennis bag or locker. This is a great alternative to packing three water bottles for the day.

6) Extra Deodorant:  His or her fellow teammates will thank him, and you on this one. There is nothing worse than playing tennis beside a player who has bad B.O. Make sure they have an extra deodorant they can keep in their tennis bag to avoid the embarrassment, and so they can stay fresh between practices and matches.

7) Sun protection: Depending on where you live, they might be needing this pretty much year round, but especially during the first couple months and last couple months of school when the sun can get pretty harsh during afterschool practices.

8) Electrolyte replacement: This one is especially for during their season, but it can be just as valuable during their tennis practices and workouts. You can get them a powder mix or other concentrated form of an electrolyte drink that they can mix in their water when they feel less hydrated and energized.

These are some fundamental, yet sometimes easy to forget, tips that will have your youth tennis player prepared for everything tennis during the school year and especially tennis season.

What are some helpful tips and tricks you have used to help your player get prepared for a new year and season?