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Backhand Volley Tennis Lessons Tutorial by Matt Copland

May 30th, 2011

filed in Tennis How To, How To Hit A Backhand Volley


Matt Copland instructs on the proper Backhand Volley technique in this weeks How to section.

The Grip:

- The grip for the backhand volley is the same as the grip for the forehand volley, you want to take the palm of your hand and place it on the top and side of the racket, slip your hand down the racket past the bridge and finally to the bottom of the grip.

The Tennis Swing:

- Square up your shoulders to the net, make sure your knees are slightly bent with your head forward
- Make sure your left hand is high so you are able to bring the racket out to the side.
- The racket face should be parallel to the ball as it comes in
- Stepping forward with the opposite foot of the side we are swinging on, in this case the right, we follow through
- Make sure the left hand goes away from the ball, keep your base strong

With this stroke, the key is step length, it should be a bit more than shoulder length for correct technique.