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August 22nd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

tennis bag

Hi… My name is Greg and this is my “bag check”. Anyone who watches tennis on the “Tennis Channel” is familiar with that type of intro.  Yep—tennis bags have become an integral part of the game. And we are not talking about some plain ol’ boring bags either! Tennis bags are now hi-tech items and designed to increase our enjoyment of the sport.

Tennis bags are commonly designed to hold racquets (duh!), accessories, clothing, and personal items. You can get a bag that holds as few as two or as many as 12 racquets. When you see the pro players walking into the stadium carrying those huge bags it’s because they usually have about six racquets, extra clothing, nutritional supplements, and miscellaneous items (sunglasses, sweat bands, etc.).  It may look as if they are in the process of going on a long journey, however, their tennis bags bring them the secure feeling that they are prepared for nearly any situation—and less concern usually equals better tennis.

Tennis bags have various degrees of specialization. Need to just carry a couple racquets, balls, and a few small items? Got it a bag for that! Need to carry almost anything you will ever need on a tennis court during a 6-month tennis vacation? Got it a bag for that! Need wheels? Yep—they have that too! Just about any configuration is available to meet your desires.

How can I mention “hi-tech” and “tennis bag” in the same sentence? Easy—tennis bags are no longer merely a couple pieces of nylon or canvas sewn together with a zipper added. Some tennis bags now feature moisture and heat barriers that will keep your equipment cool and dry (just look inside for the “silver” lining). The outer shells are usually a very durable and stain-resistant material. Tennis bags now offer multiple ways to carry them. For example, my bag has a shoulder sling, back-pack straps, and 2 carry handles (I use the back-pack feature the most). Most have numerous small-to-medium internal compartments to keep your stuff organized, as well as having fence hooks, key lanyards, and shoe compartments. Some also come with a “wet bag” for your damp match clothing. My personal favorite is the built-in “cooler” designed to keep your courtside beverages at a refreshing temperature (it really works!).

So when you begin looking at tennis bags please remember that you have many choices. When you are “doing battle” on the court, you want to make sure that your “war bag” is fully capable of supporting your game!