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Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

July 12th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Once you progressed past beginner level tennis and have become a consistent intermediate level tennis player it is worth getting a tennis racquet that better matches you current game. Avoid the temptation to jump ahead and buy an extreme high performance racquet better suited to advanced level players. A relatively heavy racquet with too small a head size is less forgiving of errant strokes will just demoralize you and reduce the enjoyment of your tennis play. There are a many good choices among the best tennis racquets for intermediate players.

3 Intermediate Tennis Racquets

The basic rule of thumb is beginning players should use a lightweight; extra large head size racquet and very head heavy. Intermediate players should be playing tennis with a medium weight racquet with a moderate size head and slight head to light balance. Powerful advanced players should use heavy racquets with smaller head sizes and pronounced head to light balance.

Here are a few of the better intermediate level tennis racquets to consider:

Babolat Pure Drive 107 This is the latest version of the best selling racquet in the U.S. Babolat has added the Graphite System which adds a hybrid of braided carbon fibers and filaments throughout the entire racquet. Ideal for intermediate players that are looking for the perfect combination of power and control. This racquet uses their Woofer technology for increased contact between the ball and strings, larger sweet spot and increase control and spin.

Prince Classic Graphite 100 Tennis Racquet For the traditionalist this tennis racquet is fresh new looks for the Prince Classic Graphite in a 100 square inch head size. The value racquet works for players looking for a control oriented frame with a thin beam.  Provides the most controlled feel in Prince’s line and is geared toward intermediate player with a fast swing.

HEAD Graphene XT Instinct S Racquet This premium racket offers a nice size sweet spot thanks to its 102 square inch head and open 16x19 string pattern, yet is more maneuverable than most players racquets, thanks to a lighter static weight. The racquet is designed for moderately aggressive intermediate players with longer, faster swing styles

Want More Tips for Intermediate Tennis?

After you choose the right intermediate tennis racquet focus on improving your actual game. Work on training with 10 tennis drills for intermediate tennis players.

What’s Your View?

What 3 skills did you need to master to move your game from beginner tennis to an intermediate level of tennis play? What do you think are the best tennis racquets for intermediate players?

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