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Come for the Tennis, Stay for the Culture

September 14th, 2012

filed in Tennis Lifestyle

Australian Open Tennis

Hard work, dedication, practice, sweat, skill, focus, endurance, excitement, victory, loss, tennis. There are probably hundreds of other words to describe this amazing sport. It dates back hundreds of years and has been a celebrated sporting event and tradition just as long. Played for both recreation and competition, tennis forms a life-long bond in the hearts of those who share its passion. This passion is brought to life at the Australian Open Tennis, the first of four yearly events in the Grand Slam which will kick off in January of 2013. This week-long event encompasses some of the most skilled tennis professionals there are and those who wish to celebrate the sport with them would be erroneous to miss this Open.

Not only will avid tennis fans, players and their families have the opportunity to be a part of this hailed traditional event, but while in Australia, they may also find that there are numerous other attractions, events and locations that will make their time there as educational and enlightening as it will fun and exciting.

Melbourne, home to the Australian Open Tennis event, is a city blustering with life and activity. This city manages to incorporate luxury, culture, art, architecture, sports, fine dining and so much more.

Australian Open at NightThose looking to please their pallets will delight in the many food and beverage options. Enjoy one of the many wine tasting packages and tours in this rich wine mecca. One should also check out the nearby pubs for a refreshing cocktail. Alternatively, you could indulge in some of the local fair, choosing from an array of Mediterranean cuisine, Greek cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Japanese cuisine, seafood, meats, cheeses, pastries, cupcakes and almost anything else you can think of.

Once you have been wined and dined, take time to walk, bike, drive or bus around the city to see the true beauty that lies within. Charming original Victorian era buildings will delight, while modernized feats of architectural contemporary genius will enthrall. Those who tour this outstanding city won't want to blink for fear of missing the exquisiteness.

Being located directly on series of different waterways, including the Yarra River and the Southern or Antarctic Ocean leaves those visiting with a wealth of opportunity to enjoy aquatic activities. Some exciting activities that shouldn't be passed up include snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, kite-boarding and yachting. Local aquariums have aquatic animals on display for viewing pleasure as well.

One may hope to have the experience of a life time when visiting the Grand Slam kick off in Australia, but now it is known that they will certainly have that and the memories to go with it.


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