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Cortiglia Brisbane Tennis Backpack

March 19th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Bag Reviews

Are you in need of a stylish tennis bag to lug your tennis racquet around? Cortiglia has the answer for you. Cortiglia is known for their high-end designer tennis bags, and now they add a designer tennis backpack to their list.
Cortiglia Brisbane Tennis Backpack

The Cortiglia Brisbane backpack isn’t a typical tennis backpack. At first glance it looks like a designer handbag that would have no place on the tennis court. But once you get down to the details you will notice it can serve as both a tennis bag and crossover-style backpack.  You don’t have to use it as a crossover backpack though, since you can carry it by the handles at the top instead.

For a small bag, there is still some good storage. Store your accessories in the large front pocket with magnetic closure. The inside of the bag has two smaller-sized pockets, ideal for storing your cell phone or keys. There is also a zippered interior pocket for the items you don’t want to lose, like jewelry. The Cortiglia Brisbane backpack can hold up to two tennis racquets, and still leaves room for more tennis gear and accessories. Though, I wouldn’t expect to fit your tennis shoes once both of the racquets are in the bag.

Your tennis racquets will be kept separate and safe from the rest of the contents in the main compartment because of a divider. This is a unique and attractive feature for a tennis bag of this size. In most other bags this size, the tennis racquet doesn’t have its own compartment so all your belongings are mixed up with it. The Cortiglia Brisbane tennis bag is well constructed with high-quality fabrics. This bag has a nylon body and shiny leather accents, making for a sleek design.

With all these great features, it’s worth adding that this tennis bag is probably most suitable for a recreational tennis player who doesn’t play often, and only needs 1-2 tennis racquets at a time. There is still not as much room as you would find in a typical racquet bag. It also seems better as a regular tennis bag than a backpack, especially because there is only one strap. It would have been nice to have two straps to better distribute the weight of what you are carrying.

All in all, this tennis bag is a superb option for any player with less storage needs and who’s looking to go around with a bit more style.