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Court Couture Karisa Vintage Tennis Bag: What We Love!

September 8th, 2017 by Do It Tennis

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Court couture has come out with new tennis bags this season and we cant keep our eyes off of the Karisa Vintage bag!
First off, if you don’t know much about Court couture here is a little info about their bags. Court couture tennis bags are both sophisticated and functional. They come in many different styles and prints from eyelet totes to racquet print backpacks. They are very high quality and well designed. Best of all they are backed by a 12 month warranty in case of any manufacturer defect. Also it doesn’t hurt that a portion of Court Couture’s proceeds goes to mission work around the world.

At Do It Tennis we carry a wide selection of Court couture tennis bags!  Its hard to chose a favorite but the Karisa Vintage tennis bag in navy by Court Couture made it a little easier.

At first glance of this bag you can easily think its a designer handbag. As you look closer you will notice you can actually fit tennis racquets in it!The Karisa Vintage bag has a vintage look with a mix of both stripes and polka dots. I know what your thinking, how do stripes and polka dots go together? With this bag, somehow it does. The two patterns compliment each other and give off a nautical and vintage look. Also the Navy color looks nice with the pops of white in the bag.

The Karisa tennis bag holds two tennis racquets in the separate front zipper compartment. This will keep your tennis racquets safe and keep the rest of your contents of the bags from getting crushed by your racquets. The main compartment zips shut and has an zippered pocket inside. This would be a good spot for valuables you don’t want to lose on the court like jewelry or glasses. There are a few inside pockets that can keep a water bottle in one place and even a few stray tennis balls. On the outside of the bag there is a small zipper pocket as well.
The Karisa tennis bag also comes with a matching cosmetic bag. You can use it as a small wallet, clutch or just store some of your smaller necessities in. The Karisa Vintage tennis bag also has metal feet at the bottom so you can leave it on the tennis court without worrying about it getting scratched up or dirty.

This bag can be used as a hand bag when not in use as a tennis bag. Lastly it is lightweight and easy to clean. This just adds to the functionality of the bag and gives us all the more reasons to love it!

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Whats your favorite Court Couture tennis bag?

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