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Double Backhand Stroke Tennis Lessons Tutorial by Matt Copland

May 30th, 2011

filed in Tennis How To, How To Hit A Backhand

The Grip:
- The grip for the backhand is the same as the forehand grip
- Make sure your left hand is above your right
- There should be no gap between your two hands
- This is the proper grip for the backhanded swing

The Double Handed Backhand Swing:

- Rotate the racket behind and perpendicular to the tennis net
- Pull the swing forward, rotating up to the point of impact with the tennis ball
- Your front foot should be level with the racket
- You should follow through the swing, taking it up over your right shoulder

Key Points:

- Make sure to keep the racket rotating, by not reaching out too far, this will ensure a proper swing
- Always make should your feet are shoulder width apart, this will help with follow through