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Double-Handed Backhand Swing

May 10th, 2011 by

filed in Tennis How To, How To Hit A Backhand

Part 2 - Double handed backhand

The Grip for a Double Back Handed Stroke:

  1. Use the same grip as forehand grip, described in the previous post
  2. Place your left hand above the right hand (or right hand above the left, if you're left-handed)
  3. Make sure there is zero gap between your hands, as this is key for a two-handed grip
  4. This is a good starting point, and a sound grip

The Double Handed Backhand Swing:

  • Pull the racquet back and sideways, perpendicular to the tennis net
  • Rotate your swing until you make contact with the tennis ball
  • Make sure the racquet is level with your front foot
  • Take your swing all the way up and over the right shoulder (or left shoulder if you are left-handed)

Key Points:

  • Don't reach too far out in front, as it will prevent the rotation of your swing
  • Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart for the follow through

Matt believes that if you practice these easy “tennis how to” steps, your tennis twohanded backhand swing should be fundamentally sound.

In the next video, Mr. Copland will be teaching the one handed backhand stroke… Stay tuned!