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Doubles Tennis Training Tips: Train Like the Bryan Brothers

July 14th, 2016 by Do It Tennis

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Doubles Tennis Training Tips: Train Like the Bryan Brothers

It’s unlikely anyone can match the Bryan Brothers success on the doubles tennis court. But all players can improve their game by working on tennis drills that are specifically designed for doubles. Be like Mike and Bob and get ready for some super-fast double volleying action with a new tennis grip and give these drills a try.

Who is going to hit the ball, doubles drill

This tennis doubles drill starts with the coach setting up the two teams in a normal doubles formation. The coach then feeds the ball into each side of the tennis court at different points in the court. In this drill, the two players in a team (partners) are able to practice which ball to hit, or who is going to hit a certain ball if it hit in a particular point in the court.

This doubles drill from Optimum Tennis allows the players to practice their correct communication so as to whom to hit the ball. This drill will also allow them to practice how to cover the court so as to avoid the opponent attacking them. The coach should also tell the players to avoid all the time to stand still while the ball is in play.

2 Back versus 2 Back Transition Drill

This is a good drill from Scott Baker at Tennis4you to help you transition from the baseline to the net in doubles. In doubles the goal is to get both players to the net which is the strongest doubles strategy.
Start with 2 players on each side of the court with all of the players at their baseline. One player starts the point by hitting a groundstroke to their opponents. In this drill you must stay on the baseline until your opponents hit a groundstroke that lands inside your service line. As soon as the ball bounces inside the service line, the team whose side it bounced on must approach the net.

Try playing this drill as a game. You can play a 12-point tie-breaker format or first one to 10 points wins.

Half Court Doubles Simulation Drill

A doubles drill that focuses on serve and volley, volleys and overheads. The goal of this drill from the USPTA is to serve and volley, attack serves by coming in off the return and playing out the point crosscourt using half the court while at the net.

Play using half the court. Each player gets one serve and serve and volley to deuce side. Returners hit, come in off the return, and play out the point. When point is won, player (or pro) feeds second ball while players remain at the net and play out the point. When point is won, player (or pro) feeds third ball as a lob and plays out the point. The next sequence is played from the ad court. If serve is missed, server continues to move in anyway. If return is missed returner continues to move in anyway. Players must win 2 out of 3 points to earn a point. Play to 7 and rotate. If server wins all 3, then rotate immediately. Variations: Play two serves. With multiple players, rotate new server after 3 points.

Focus on serve and volley and attacking returns. Players should win or lose the point at the net.

Want More Doubles Tennis Training Tips?

Check out the Bryan Brothers incredible technique as they gracefully practice their amazing Romanian Volley routine.

What’s Your View

What is your favorite doubles tennis-training tip? What’s your favorite memory of seeing the Bryan Brothers play?

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