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When You Don’t Need Tennis Bag, Try A Duffle Bag!

October 6th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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1) Tecnifibre Pro ATP Sportbag
This small/ medium sized duffel bag has a roomy main compartment and plenty of accessory pockets. You can easily store some extra tennis gear and a few changes of clothes, and also carry your electronics and toiletries. This duffel bag from Tecnifibre has a sleek, shiny black design and is very easy to carry with either its handles or shoulder strap.

2) A4 24” Athletic Duffel Bag:
A4 is known for their affordable tennis apparel and other athletic clothing, and now offers the ideal duffel bag to go along. It’s a sizable duffel bag with an easy-to-open U-shaped zipper-pocket. You can also carry this A4 duffel bag with the handles or the shoulder straps. This bag is durable and even has rubber feet added to reduce wear on the bottom.

3) Yonex Pro Boston Bag:
The Yonex Pro Boston bag makes a great companion for your tennis racquet bag when you need to bring extra tennis gear to practice (especially if you go straight from work). This duffel bag from Yonex provides a safe place to store your casual and formal clothes and shoes away from the stink of your tennis bag. The main compartment is big enough for a change of clothes and shoes, and the smaller storage compartment is great for more compact items like socks. There is also an accessory pocket where you can store toiletries and valuables. With a removable shoulder strap you can even simplify the duffel bag if you like, and utilize just the grab handles.

4) Prince Classic Circle Duffle Bag:
Get the elegant look of a classic luxury duffle bag at a bargain price. The Prince Classic Circle duffle bag has a classic look, with its black canvas body and tan patent leather accents on the straps and zippers. Not just made for style, you can certainly store all your tennis apparel and/or work clothes in this duffel, or even use it as a weekend getaway bag. You have the option to carry it with two handles that Velcro together or to use the removable shoulder strap

So keep a duffel bag in mind the next time you need a place to store extra clothes and workout gear, especially if you’re not bringing along your tennis racquet. If one of these doesn’t quite fit your style or needs, please check out the rest of our travel and duffel bags, some specifically made for tennis gear. If you’re still searching for the perfect tennis bag option for you, check out the wide variety of products featured in our tennis bag reviews.