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Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tennis Racquet Review

June 3rd, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Dunlop Biomimetic 300

I recently play-tested another of the new “Biomimetic” racquets (200 Plus) and now it's time for the 300 playtest.  If you haven't read my 200 Plus review, here is a synopsis of the brand-new technology that Dunlop is offering.  Technology and engineering which is inspired by “Nature”!

There are three unique features of a Biomimetic racquet:

“AeroSkin”—a coating on the hoop—little raised bumps almost all-around (kinda feels like a basketball).  Dunlop says these assist the racquet to travel faster through the air (like a shark in water).  

“Gecko-Tac grip”:  Designed to provide excellent feel and maintain a solid grip for a long time.

“HM6 Carbon”—a new blend of materials in a honeycomb pattern—like bees make in their hives (one of the most efficient designs of nature).

The Dunlop Biomimetic 300 weighs 10.76 oz. (strung) and is about 5 pts. head-light. I really like it's weight—light enough to get it around on receipt of fast serves, but still heavy enough to overcome incoming powerful shots.  It feels good holding it—no “club” sensation at all.

On groundstrokes the 300 performed pretty much as expected:  You provide the power and it will help with your shot's control.  It is not, however, very forgiving on off-center hits.  It's 98” headsize just doesn't allow too many miss-hit winners!  It's 16 x 19 string pattern did bite the ball well and produced some very good spin.  I also noticed a little more vibration in the 300 when compared to the 200 Plus.

Serves are a shining point of this racquet (as was the case with the 200 Plus also).  It is very solid and imparts excellent power and placement.

You have to be a pretty good net player to use this racquet in Doubles.  It is easily maneuvered with it's lighter weight and head-light design.  It's smallish head size, coupled with it's relatively flexible design, means it's most appropriate for the more accomplished players.

Overheads, however, are excellent—powerful and accurate (again—except for any off-center hits).

The “AeroSkin” looks really cool on the racquet.  And who knows—maybe my stroke DID speed up a bit!  

The “Gecko Tec” Grip has an excellent feel—soft, tacky, and prevents any slipping.  I like it!

The “HM6 Carbon” construction is not visible to the naked eye.  Dunlop did put a neat butt-cap insert with little holographic honeycombs visible.  But there was a little “buzz”—hmmm—-bees at work??

I believe this racquet is best for the accomplished Singles player who can baseline rally and provide the power needed for the winning shot.  It will serve the 4.0+ players well.