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Fashion on the Courts: Does Your Tennis Bag Match Your Style?

December 15th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Fashion on the Courts: Does Your Tennis Bag Match Your Style?Women have taken tennis fashion by storm. Shocking dresses, flashy skirts and high-tech pink tennis shoes rock the courts of the WTA circuit. With so much style flashing from baseline to baseline, why do we still see women stuffing their clothing and gear into a large, over-sized tennis bag made for men?

Agnieszka Radwanska fights through her matches in a classy Lotto Victoria tennis dress, yet totes her gear from game to game in a Blue and Black Babolat Monstercombi. Running through the ranks of professional female tennis players, the glaring difference between their fashion-forward apparel and the only-for-function tennis bags is discouraging. From racquets to tennis court shoes, these women have a ton of gear to carry, so their fashion faux-paux must be overlooked (for now). However, the casual or local tournament tennis player does not need to sacrifice style for functionality when heading to the court.

Tennis Bags for Women Have Come a Long Way Baby

The era of men’s only tennis bags ended with the turn of the century, when female designers – like Lynn Tauchen of Jetpac tennis bags – decided they wanted to look as good as they played; not just on the tennis court, but while travelling there, too! Since then, a plethora of designer tennis bags have been made available to women.

40 Love Courture, Cortiglia and Court Couture

40 Love Courture tennis bags are well known for the Swarovski Crystal accents that sparkle in every design. Since all 40 Love bags are made in the U.S.A., each one is available for customization.

Cortiglia tennis bags are handcrafted from the highest-quality Italian leather. These ladies’ tennis bags are for the women who understand what it means to invest in fashion.

Court Couture tennis bags combine luxury and functionality. The faux materials make for a versatile bag that is sure to turn heads as you arrive at the tennis court.

Maggie Mather, Jet Tennis Bags and All for Color

Maggie Mather tennis bags are large and spacious, with a simple design and durable material. Their reasonable price makes them a logical choice for the average tennis player who wants a practical way to look stellar on and off the court. 

Jet tennis bags are well-known for their variety of styles, colors and patterns. These bags are loaded with marvelous features which allow you to focus on how you look, and not how far into the bag your keys have fallen. 

All For Color tennis bags are a new favorite among young tennis players. These bags come in bold and bright colors that are sure to even make your opponent smile.

Don’t settle for big and bulky, just because that’s with the WTA ladies use. Stay in style, no matter how many racquets you carry, with a beautiful new tennis bag designed with you in mind.

Have you made the switch yet, or are you still lugging your tennis gear in a bulky bag made for men?
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