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Forehand Stroke Tennis Lessons Tutorial by Matt Copland

May 30th, 2011

filed in Tennis How To, How To Hit A Forehand

For our How to Blog, Matt Copland shows us the Forehand swing.

The Grip:

- With your right hand, find the base of the tennis racket handle

- Slip your hand all the way down to the bottom of the grip

- You want to make sure your grip is strong, but not too tight

- As you grip it, make sure you spread your grip out for the most comfortable feel

The Tennis Swing:

- Position the racket behind you, almost pointing toward the back net

- If you use your off hand in front of you, you can gauge the incoming tennis ball

- You left foot should be in front of you, at the point of contact, that is where you are going to strike the ball

- As you make the hit, the racket head should be square with the ball

- Lastly swing your shoulders with the hit and follow through with the stroke


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