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From Hot dogs to 10 and Under tennis

August 1st, 2011

filed in Tennis News

The USTA announced July 27 that they are donating a large amount of money for the future of tennis. The $1.3 million investment in 10 and Under Tennis will pay big dividends for the recreational part of the game.  

As we all know, tennis is one sport that you can play your whole life.  If you can get kids excited and involved in the sport at an early age, it will make a big difference in the amount of people that will continue to play as they get older.  

Also, with the child obesity rate being so high, this is a great time to get those kids off the couches and onto tennis courts.This is the reason you are seeing Michele Obama in these ads.  One of her main goals is to get kids out exercising.  What better way than playing tennis?  I know that the USTA makes a lot of their money at the US Open (see $14 hot dog as an example) and channeling money that into programs like this makes sense.

It makes me very proud to see that the USTA trying something innovative, healthy and hopefully making these kids fall in love with tennis.