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Fun Tennis Workouts to Keep You In Shape All Year Long

March 10th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

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Fun Tennis Workouts to Keep you in shape all year longWho said tennis work outs had to be trivial and mundane?

Here are some fun tennis workouts to spice up your routine and make sure you’re always improving.

1) Workout with a tennis ball machine

Tennis Ball Machine

The can mix things up and give you a break from your usual routine.

Depending on how you set it, it can generate a challenging workout; you can choose wide angles and have yourself running back and forth on the court. 

If you want to take it easy, you can set it to focus on strictly forehands and backhands, which means less running.

2) Special Cardio Tennis Workouts

Cardio tennis is a fun one hour workout that mixes cardio with tennis drills. It is fast paced but you can modify it to your abilities. It gets your heart pumping and is a full body workout. In one cardio tennis workout you will burn calories and brush up on your strokes, at the same time. You will go from hitting a few forehands to running a ladder drill and then back in line to hit more strokes.  Check your local tennis club to see if they offer it in an organized activity.

3) Game of “Hot Box”

This game is a fast-paced double’s net play game. It will test your ability to play out points, as well as keep you on your toes throughout the entire game.

How to play

  • a) One side will be known as “kings”, but nobody starts there - they have to earn it.
  • b) The coach feeds an approach shot to the other side so that person has to come to the net.
  • c) They will then play out that point. If they lose the point they are out. If they win the point they get a volley fed to them and have to play out that point.
  • d) If they win that point they get an over-head fed to them, and they will continue to play out the point.
  • e) If they win the point, again, they get to run over to the “kings” side.
  • f) Once all the pairs have gotten out or become ‘kings’ the coach will feed a sky ball to the ‘kings’ to play out the point, as before.
  • g) If no one wins the point, they keep having sky balls fed to them in turns.
  • h) When a pair wins a point on the “kings” side they win the game.
  • 4) The Spider Drill

    The spider drill is a running drill, and is great for your tennis footwork and cardio.

    How to play

  • a) Put the tennis racquet on the baseline hash mark and place 8 balls on the corners of the court as depicted below.
  • b) A person must run and collect one ball at a time, and run each back to the racquet at the hash mark. They must do this every time for all 8 balls. 
  • c) First person to get all 8 balls on the racquet wins.
  • This drill can be done with partners and in teams.  You typically want to start from one side, and work your way to the other side

    Tennis Spider Drill



    Now that you have learned some new ways to make your next tennis workouts fun and competitive, go out there and give them a try!