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Get a Grip! Guide to Understanding Different Grips.

October 20th, 2015 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Grip Reviews

Tennis grips are used to cover the handle of the tennis racquet where you place your hands. Many tennis players have a preference of which racquet grip they prefer. Grips are important for improving your tennis skills, so we’ve put together an overview of the different types of grips and their features!
First of all, when getting a tennis racquet grip it’s important to know the two primary types of grips: replacement grips and over grips. Replacement grips are grips that you use as the main/base layer over the racquet handle. Depending on its wear, you’ll change out a replacement grip when you feel it isn’t performing like it should. Over grips are grips you can place over the replacement grip of the racquet handle, and you’ll replace this more often than your replacement grip.  Over grips will wear out much faster, but are very easy to replace and you can buy multipacks.

Replacement Grips
There are many different types of replacement grips to choose from when looking to update your racquet handle’s grip.
Cushioned grip: Some tennis players want a little more cushion for their racquet’s grip. That’s when you would choose a cushioned grip. Cushioned grips are thicker than regular grips and have an extra layer in them to deliver maximum comfort and will better protect your wrists, elbows and hands.

Absorbent grips: Absorbent grips absorb the sweat from your hands so you have a better grasp on your tennis racquet and it isn’t slipping out of your hands. Some of the grips are even perforated to soak up the sweat like a sponge and provide added breathability. This might sound a little gross, but when playing in a hot environment you’ll appreciate not having to wipe your racquet handle on your shirt.

Tacky Grips: Tacky grips have a layer of tacky material that will prevent your hand from sliding or slipping around while you’re playing tennis. These give you a comfortable amount of stick so you can play confidently without your racquet flying right out of your hands.

Contoured grips: Contoured grips have a special contour to them so your hand can fit perfectly in the ridges of the tennis racquet handle so it doesn’t slip around.

Leather: Some tennis players prefer to have a classic leather grip. You can also get cushioned leather replacement grips if you want more cushion yet still want a leather grip.  You can only get leather replacement grips; they don’t make leather over grips.

Over Grips

Again, over grips are thinner and act as a layer over the main (replacement) grip. Over grips come in one size so they are pretty fool proof. You can change them out very easily and as often as you want. They’re a pretty inexpensive way to freshen up your tennis racquets. You can even get some bright-colored ones, as well.
You can get contoured, absorbent, and tacky over grips, each with the same characteristics as the respective replacement grips described above.

Over grips are convenient ways to change up your tennis racquet without having to replace the whole grip, let alone the racquet itself. You can go with an absorbent over grip during the summertime to wick away extra moisture and sweat from hot days. You can switch to a tacky over grip to ensure your hand will stay on the racquet. You can also use an over grip to increase grip size without having to move to a bigger- sized tennis racquet. Many people keep extra over grips in their tennis bag and change them out before a big match. They are much easier to replace than a replacement grip and can be done in a few minutes.

Still can’t make up your mind? Check out our big collection of replacement grips and over grips, and feel free to contact us for advice or questions! We’d love to see the grips you’re using on your racquet handles now - share with us on Facebook or Twitter.