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Getting started with your first tennis racquet stringing machine

October 7th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews

Tennis racquet stringing machineWe always get customers who come into the shop and are curious about how a tennis racquet is strung. It amazes me that someone would have an interest in this but I have been around a stringing machine for quite some time.

I think the curiosity lies in actually seeing a string machine and then actually seeing the string being weaved in between the strings. Tennis racquet stringing machines come in a couple different shapes and sizes. You have your electric and manual machines. You have table tops or the stand up options. There is also the option of whether to have a 2 point or 6 point racquet mounting system.

All these options can be a bit overwhelming for people who might be looking to purchase a string machine either for their tennis club or do to stringing at home. If you are one of these people, I will give you my opinion of a good, better and best stringing machine options.

A good string machine would be a starter machine that costs under $500. It is either a drop weight or a manual crank that sits on a table. It has a basic mounting system and does not do anything fancy. The better option will run you between $750 and $1000. It has a 2 or 6 point mounting system and can be either electric or a very nice manual machine that stand alone. You will see a lot of these at-home stringers that do more than a couple of racquets a week.

The best machine will run $1500 an up. This machine is generally electric and has very nice quality clamps and mounting system. You will usually see these kinds of tennis stringing machines in tennis shops or at very nice country club pro shops.

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