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Give your young tennis player the best with Junior tennis shoes for stability and injury prevention.

July 18th, 2011

filed in Tennis News

Junior's Tennis Shoes

Parents may think that as long as their junior tennis player has a shoe on their feet when they go on the tennis court they will be fine, but tennis shoes are made with tennis in mind.

Regular shoes may be fine for 2 to 4 year old beginner players. However, once children start to move around the court, side to side, stopping and starting, parents need to look into tennis specific performance shoes. A tennis specific shoe is different than a running or basketball shoe. It has a harder, more durable outer sole, which is important for durability reasons and for lateral stability.

Movement around the court is vital to performing well. A junior's tennis shoe will have additional cushioning on the heel and ball of your foot. This is important because your ankle, knees and hips take a beating on the hard surface of a tennis court. Tennis specific shoes are designed to minimize injury and prevent foot fatigue.

If your son or daughter is starting to get serious about playing tennis and is playing on a regular basis, you should make sure they have the proper gear to play the best and that means a good racquet and tennis specific, Junior tennis shoes.