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Head Liquidmetal Tennis Racquets Make Bold Statement

November 8th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Head Liquidmetal 4

Head Liquidmetal Radical OS

Head Liquidmetal 8

When I first heard someone on the tennis court say “liquidmetal,” I thought it was some type of medicine. As I reared my head over to the group’s conversation, I discovered it is some type of technology incorporated into Head tennis racquets. As one of the industry’s leaders, are often described as “smart technology.” That phrase grabbed my attention because I thought to myself this must be something completely extraordinary because any technology and innovation is smart.

According to researchers at CalTech, Liquidmetal is “stiffer and stronger than graphite and titanium.” The result is a tennis racquet that is more powerful, durable than standard racquets with graphite/titanium composites. When the liquidmetal is at 2,4,8 and 10 o’clock positions, making the racquet more stable and enhancing its sweetspot. The racquet also has a stunning look. The sharp blue and black colors contrast the frame while another type sports orange and black.

According to one of the senior managers at Head/Penn Racquet Sports, the Head Liquidmetal tennis racquet can in fact, help you to play more effectively. “If you look at a standard molecular structure of metal, there are gaps in it. When you get impact, those gaps collapse, and that takes energy out of the racquet. In Liquidmetal, there are no gaps, so all of the energy that you put into your shot, you're getting back out of it. Technology is going to allow you to be able to do more within your own game. It's going to make the racquet basically do a little bit more for you.”


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