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Head YouTek gone Viral - Novak Djokovic Vs Maria Sharapova

August 26th, 2011

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews, Tennis News

HEAD YouTek racquet

Downright hilarious is how I describe the new viral video from HEAD. We watch Novak Djokovic perform a magnificent imitation of Maria Sharapova, while promoting HEAD’s new HEAD YouTek campaign.
Immediately, the tennis racquet is brought to our attention as we read, “What’s your Game?”with the word game presented in sharp blue letters against the black background. Then we read, “What does Instinct mean to you?” and this time the word instinct is written in sharp blue. It is a bold statement that is also color coordinated to attract one’s attention.

Novak Djokovic playing tennis in a blond wig is a sight for sore eyes! That knee-slapping scene alone will make even the most serious person chuckle. But as Djokovic is making the viewers laugh-out-loud, we also see the HEAD YouTek tennis racquet close-up. It is as if the strings and the handle are held under a microscope for us to see every single detail of the HEAD YouTek racquet. All of this as Djokovic is describing how the racquet gives him speed and power on the court. When he said the HEAD YouTek made him feel “beautiful” and “like a woman” on the court, he just busted out laughing and that laughter of his is contagious. The video’s light-hearted humor pleases both men and women.

Overall, this advertisement from HEAD YouTek is quite clever and unique. Using two of the biggest names in tennis, as one impersonates the other, is an exclusive method to promote HEAD’s new tennis racquet. HEAD YouTek’s digital campaign is launching just in time for the US Open.