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Tennis Racquet Review: Head YouTek Graphene Prestige REV Pro

January 16th, 2014 by Do It Tennis

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Tennis Racquet Head YouTek Graphene Prestige REV Pro

Prestige Mid → REV Pro

4 Stars

I will start off by saying that the Head YouTek Graphene Prestige REV Pro tennis racquet is very interesting to play with.  The Rev Pro has been made to replace the Prestige Mid line but the Rev Pro is designed to be much easier to use than the Prestige Mid of the past.  For the rest of this review I will talk about how the REV Pro performed with the new updated specs and also its performance in terms of groundstrokes, net play, and the serve.

The Head YouTek Graphene Prestige Rev Pro has to be one of the very best control racquets out on the market.  I was able to really feel the ball because of the thin beam and 93 square inch head size.  The tennis racquet is very soft and flexible as well, adding to the racquet’s already amazing feel.  I really enjoyed the lighter weight of the REV Pro tennis racquet which comes in at 11 oz when strung compared to other Head tennis racquets including the 12.3 strung weight of the YouTek IG Mid. The Rev Pro is much easier to swing which made it much easier for me to direct the ball and because of the updated open string pattern of the REV Pro I was able to produce more spin as well.

I can’t say enough about the control that the REV Pro tennis racquet offers.  I had pin point precision using the REV Pro from the baseline and was able to produce ridiculous angles.  I am so used to these small mid head size racquets being super heavy and hard to generate a full stroke to produce topspin but that was not the case with this tennis racquet.  I enjoyed being able to produce a heavy topspin ball instead of the flat ball where the racquet just plows through the ball in a straight line stroke which is what I got when I use mid size racquets, including the old Head YouTek IG Midplus tennis racquet.  I could do everything from the baseline with the REV Pro that I can with the Prestige MP and the Head YouTek Graphene Prestige Pro tennis racquet but with more control.  What surprised me is that I got more power than I anticipated as well but still not as much as say the Prestige Pro.  Not enough power comes off of this tennis racquet for me to use it permanently which is my only complaint about the racquet but this is also a very big deal to me.

I have very similar feelings about how the racquet performed on the net and also the serve.  The control and feel of the tennis racquet is second to none, especially with the lighter weight and open string pattern.  I do feel like I volleyed better with this racquet than I do with my Speed Pro stick but that was the only aspect that this tennis racquet performed better in.  I had more control on the volleys and serves than I do with my current racquet and did produce more power than I was expected, especially on the serve.  There still is just not enough power production from the REV Pro for me to be able to use.

Micah Groom