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Tennis Racquet Review: Head Youtek IG Extreme MP 2.0

March 4th, 2013

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews

Head IG Extreme MP 2.0

The Head IG Extreme MP 2.0 was very enjoyable to play with.  It had a more balanced amount of weight with 11.5 ounces strung. This Head racquet is composed of d3o technology, which enables the racquet to adapt to your strokes while the Innegra, the lightest high performance fiber, allows the racquet to absorb shock and creates more stability. Its maneuverability was good especially when I was going for power shots. My ground strokes from the baseline were heavy.  My topspin had a higher bounce than I expected.  With the one handed backhand, I felt that it was excellent for the slice as the ball stayed very low so I did not feel the need to add more spin.  I think that the power for the Head IG Extreme 2.0 MP racquet was good.  On the serve, since I am a lefty, the slice serve was effective and I could see a nice spin on the ball as long as I hit that sweet spot.  The flat was moderate and kick serve had some heaviness.  The volleys were easily controlled and had a nice touch to them.  This Head IG Extreme MP 2.0 is definitely for baseliners that can hit the ball from all angles and can defend well. I would recommend this Head racquet for 4.5 to 5.0 plus players.

Rating:  Excellent 10     Moderate 5   Weak 0

Overall: 8/10

Feel/Touch 8/10: Felt like a solid racquet. It has a very good touch on drop shots and volleys.

Balance 7/10: Was balanced but heavier towards the head.

Maneuverability 8/10:  The spread of the weight throughout the racquet gives it an easy maneuverability but I could feel some heaviness.

Power 7/10:  Moderate to high power when I wanted to be.  The head speed for this racquet can be easily controlled.  Hitting the sweet spot is key for better power.

Spin 8/10:  Was impressed with the high kick on the topspin and the nice feel for the slice.

Strokes 8/10:  Easily controlled strokes, good for long rallies and angle shots.  It is a racquet that was very good for retrieving shots or defending.

Serves 8/10:  Good for kick and slice serves.

Volleys 8/10:  I had a nice control for my volleys and overheads.  Good for blocking and swing volleys.